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Fan Fiction - Eenik’s Story Part 1

Father and Mother sat comfortably on the grass, resting their backs against the bark of a charming Red Wood tree, in the middle of Kiven Woods. They watched their son, as he jumped around, lashing out at butterfly’s, and squirm on the ground, as he attempted, without success, to pounce on a nearby mole. Both parents had spent a hard day, training their son in the art of the hunt, and how to survive, if ever he was to be alone. It was only now, as sunset came, that the two could stop their teaching, feeling he had learned enough for the moment.

Their son had not gained a name yet; only by killing your first creature do you gain a name, named after the creature you hunted down and murdered. Nor had their son even learned to form full sentences, he was only 6, and would not learn to speak fully until his battle training was complete, usually at age 8. And yet, Father Aligati, and Mother Zebraa, had taught their son the ways of their people, they were proud. Their son had the strength of a 16 year old male, and the agility of a panther, he was learning quickly.

This early training was not unusual for people of the Kiven Clan, a people of hunters, who had existed within nature for millenia. Most males were first taught to fight at the age of 6, but Father Aligati’s son gained his training a little earlier. Aligati knew his son was not safe, and must learn to fight early in his life. He had never harmed a living thing, and yet his enemies were numerous. For his father had hunted and killed a man, this man was not particularly important or powerful, but he had many friends who shared his belief, and this man’s life-long friend, a man who seemed to have no name, but wore the clothing of a ninja, this man, promised himself revenge on the one that killed his friend. This ninja, or creature, had once before tried to kill Aligati’s wife, but her fighting prowess is almost more impressive than her husbands, and this ninja was defeated. Thought to be dead, his body was placed in a river, in respect. But Aligati feared that this menace was not gone, and that he would one day seek revenge on him, by killing his son.

Father Aligati yawned, and placed his arm on Mother Zebraa ‘s shoulder. He was proud of his family, and would let no harm come to them. He lowered his head, as to place it on his dear wife’s shoulder, a sign of affection and happiness for those of the Kiven Clan. He rested his head on his wife’s shoulder, unexpectedly she screamed, knocking Aligati’s head away, as she flew forward, as if some force had pushed her from behind! Aligati glanced at Zebraa, laying face down, groaning. She had a large bruise, already forming on her naked back (as the people of Kiven wore minimum clothing to promote stealth, only tender parts of the body were guarded with thin leather guards).

Aligati turned around, trying to understand where the blow had come from. As he turned, a fist flew at him, inches from his face, Aligati swung his hand up, catching the fist.

The Kiven people are amazingly fast, they are not incredibly strong or enduring, but their fast reactions, and incredible agility, make up for their weaker points.

The fist pulled back, out of Aligati’s grasp. Aligati leaped to his feet, dreading what would leap from the shrubs, the one responsible for harming his Wife. Pulling back into a defensive stance, Aligati looked around, trying to find his would be assassin. Suddenly a rope of some sort emerged out of the shrubs, at its tip was a creature of some sort, resembling a snake. Aligati sprung to his right, evading the ‘snake rope,’ turning he saw the snake begin to screech, before turning and heading back into the shrubs, the rope following it all the time. Stepping backwards, Aligati realized he must protect his son. Turning to see if his son was still frolicking in the nearby clearing, a flying club struck him across the side of the face. Aligati staggered, but regained his composure instantly, and looked around for the one who threw the weapon. Looking towards where his life lay unconscious, Aligati saw the culprit, a tall man, bound in tight silken cloth, with yellow silken straps tied around his torso, and lower legs. This man stood above Mother Zebraa, holding a short sword, which hung only inches from her neck. The man’s face was covered, but Aligati could swear that there was a smile on his face. The man plunged the blade, straight through Zebraa’s neck, into the soft soil below. Aligati’s self control was destroyed, he rushed forward at an insane pace, swinging his left leg around his body, letting it connect with the side of the murderer’s face. The murderer flew through the air, crashing head first into a strong, tall tree.

“The one they call Scorpion,” Aligati spat at this foul creature, through gritted teeth. Aligati suddenly realized if Scorpion was here, his son may be in danger; he would not lose his wife and son to such a fiend. Looking towards the clearing where his son had been, he realized he was gone, no-where to be found.

Aligati’s anger had reached a point that he had never felt before, his self control had returned, but the adrenalin rushing through his body could not be controlled. Aligati charged towards the murderer of his wife, who was climbing from the ground. The masked murderer blocked a ferocious punch from Aligati with his forearm, but was hit hard in the chest by a second punch. Punch after punch, kick after kick, Aligati dealt to this murderer; the murderer was able to defend himself from some, but found himself being hit, in pressure points all over his body, until his endurance wore away, and he dropped to the ground.

Aligati stood over the fiend, sweat dripping from his brow, his knuckles bleeding from grazing.

“I am not the one they call Scorpion,” gasped the murderer, through constant deep breaths, “I am Eeni. The one behind you is Scorpion.”

Aligati sensed a presence behind him, but dare not turn his back on a warrior, he kicked out at the murderer named Eeni, as he spun around to face his life long enemy, the one named Scorpion, robed as if he were a ninja. Scorpion did not say a word, just thrust his open palm forward, as the snake rope Aligati had seen before spilled from it, plunging through Aligati’s chest, straight through his heart.

As Aligati stumbled to the soft soiled ground, he realised that it was Scorpion that had hit his wife from the bushes, and that there had been two vigilantes involved in the murder of his wife, and supposedly his son also. As Aligati breathed his last breath, he heard the sound of Eeni screaming, from behind him. He turned to see Eeni screaming, with the same sword he had used to kill Zebraa, plunged through his own back. Clutching the sword was Aligati’s son, a look of anger and hatred on his face; but also a look of pride, knowing he had avenged his mother’s death. Aligati smiled at his son, before he dropped to the ground dead. His last thoughts were mixed, he was happy for his son, he had earned a name for himself, Eenik, after the murder of the vile ninja Eeni. Aligati was also sad, as he wondered how long his poor son would last, face-to-face with the ninja they call, Scorpion.

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Written by: Halberd
Date: August 12th, 2010