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Fakes - Recent Additions

№ 16:
Name: Scorpion MKD
Date: 04.26.2008





№ 15:
Name: Sonya^Blade
Date: 04.26.2008

№ 14:
Name: Gary Sanghera
Date: 04.26.2008

№ 13:
Name: Cecil-Tarant
Date: 04.26.2008



№ 12:
Name: Murder
Date: 04.26.2008


№ 11:
Name: ERrorMAKro
Date: 04.26.2008


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Dear Mortal Kombat fans, this section is specially created for you, for your fake pictures. It depends on you, if this section will grow or not. So if you have something or plan to do something, don't forget to send it to us.

Currently we have 36 submitted images.