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Emulation - R-Zone

Platform Information
The R-Zone was a handheld game console developed and manufactured by Tiger Electronics, released in 1995. The R-Zone was a largely unsuccessful handheld console and would only be manufactured for a short period of time. Although the R-Zone was not designed to compete directly with any other handhelds, it marked Tiger Electronics first entry into the portable video gaming console industry. The R-Zone is also known as "R-Zone X.P.G. Xtreme Pocket Game" but the full name never stuck and the console was rarely referred to as anything other than "R-Zone", even within game/system manufacturing facilities. The longer name and acronym was originally thought to give the console a more cutting edge feel. The original unit (which was manufactured continuously for the life of the R-Zone series) was sometimes referred to as the "R-Zone Extreme Pocket Gear", this article focuses on this particular unit. See the 'Variations' section for specific details on the other R-Zone units.

Source: Wikipedia

Emulator Information

Name: no name
Official Website:

Additional Notes: There is no working emulator for R-Zone.


Mortal Kombat 3

Status: Not Emulated
Additional Notes: Images not from emulator.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Status: Not Emulated
Additional Notes: Images not from emulator.



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