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Games Convention 2008 - Интервюта - Ed Boon

Ed Boon Интервю
взето на 21-ви август, 2008
от Gambid

Q1: Gambid: Would you introduce yourself with a few words.

A1: Ed Boon: Oh... OK. My name is Ed Boon, I am the Creative Director and the team lead for Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe.

Q2: Gambid: What is currently you job on the team? Going from office to office, take all the decision or... ?

A2: Ed Boon: I go to a lot of offices. Spend a lot of time, you know, answering questions. You know “Is this right?”, “Is this good?” and I kind of also play the game and try to make suggestions on how we can make it better.

Q3: Gambid: What was your reaction on the fake trailer that appeared on YouTube about a month before any official information was released? You know the one with Raiden flashing in the background, that actually everyone took for real.

A3: Ed Boon: Oh..., I was impressed with it. I guess that was my first reaction. I was impressed with it. I think somebody make a fake one with the moon also. They did something special like that also. That was pretty cool, so I was pretty impressed with that.

Q4: Gambid: How far are willing the fans to go? What was the most extreme message you ever received from a fan.

A4: Ed Boon: Extreme message?

Gambid: In terms of also threatening...

Ed Boon: Oh... no. Nothing like that. I guess... a couple of people came by work and asked for me. You know, came by to work, so that's probably the closest thing that happened.

Q5: Gambid: What was Mortal Kombat 8 going to look like before you decided to make a DC crossover game? When exactly was this decision made? How much of the game was done by that time?

A5: Ed Boon: It was probably not going to have that much saturated colors, you know, reds and blues and greens and all that stuff. It was probably a little bit more greedier looking I think. But when we added the DC characters, we brought things up.

Q6: Gambid: What is your opinion on the fact that Mortal Kombat hasn't made it to the EVO Tournament yet? Do you plan on changing this with Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe?

A6: Ed Boon: Oh... I don't know. I didn't think about it that much. I think its more of games like, you know, Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur that are probably more like tournament games. Mortal Kombat is more like beat him up and have fun. Stuff like that.

Q7: Gambid: If you have the opportunity of making another action adventure game like Shaolin Monks, which would be the main characters.

A7: Ed Boon: Which would be the main characters? Probably Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

Q8: Gambid: Can you give us an update on the third Mortal Kombat movie? Are we actually going to see the third movie?

A8: Ed Boon: The latest that I know is that I have a script and I read it. We have gone back and forth with the producers of the movie. They are trying to cast it and find a new director, so... I know that it is in the works, but I don't know when it is coming out.

Gambid: Are you involved somehow?

Ed Boon: Yea, I read the script and give comments and stuff like that.

Q9: Gambid: Can you tell us a little something about the boss character? Are there going to be different bosses when you pick DC character or MK character.

A9: Ed Boon: The boss is going to be a character that we are going to announce a little later, just like the other characters we will be announcing those things. We are not suppose to talk about it, so...

Q10: Gambid: OK. Are there going to be new MK characters in this game. Are you going to introduce new characters.

A10: Ed Boon: In this game?

Gambid: Yes.

Ed Boon: No, there is no new DC or MK characters.

Q11: Gambid: Now the last question. I know you cannot tell us who else is going to be in the game, but can you at least give us the name of one character who won't be in it? Not Mokap, because we already know that he won't be in the game.

A11: Ed Boon: Mokap is not going to be in the game.

Gambid: Someone else?

Ed Boon: Meat will not be in the game. Bo Rai Cho will not be in the game.

Gambid: That was more than one. Thank you, thank you for you time.


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