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Games Convention 2008 - Интервюта - Hector Sanchez

Hector Sanchez Интервю
взето на 21-ви август, 2008
от Gambid

Част 1 - Част 2 - Част 3
Част 4 - Част 5 - Част 6

Q1: Gambid: Would you tell us something more about yourself? How long have you been a part of the team? What titles have you worked on? And what is the job of the Associate Producer?

A1: Hector Sanchez: OK, officially I have been on the Mortal Kombat team since the beginning of the year, but this isn't my first Mortal Kombat game. I started as a QA tester on Mortal Kombat unchained for PSP two years ago. After that I was the lead tester on Mortal Kombat: Armageddon for the Wii. I also worked on Mortal Kombat: Armageddon for PS2 and Xbox at the same time as well and just recently I have been promoted to the Associate Producer. My job is kind of utility management. I kind of do a lot of stuff, there is not one specific thing that I do. I can do anything from making sure the team gets all their food ordered in every night to communicating with DC and submitting things for approval like Fatalities and those kind of things. I kind of just do it all. Whatever Ed doesn't have time to do and needs to be taken care he kind of gives it to me and lets me handle it so there is not one thing I do. I kind of do a little bit of everything.

Gambid: That's good actually.

Hector Sanchez: Yea, I get, you know. I love it, I get to work with all the disciplines, you know. If I was an artist I would just be doing art. If I was a programmer I was just be doing programming. So, as a producer I can kind of go through and I can have a general understanding about how everything works. I work with designers, I work with the artists, I work with, you know, everybody: marketing, PR, all kind of stuff, so it's really really cool.

Q2: Gambid: That's great. OK, question 2. What has been added/has changed in this build of the game compared to the one shown on Comic-Com?

A2: Hector Sanchez: We added Joker and Kitana as playable characters. Also we have added a „Rage“ mode. Basically it's a new mode that we kind of get in there. We have a Rage meter build into the game now. Basically it gets triggered after you have taken a lot of damage or you performed a lot of special moves and ones it's build up you kind of trigger it and you kind of go into this kind of mode where you are not really invincible but you are very powerful. Your attacks deal out 50% more damage, they are unblockable, if you are blocking you are still going to take damage no matter what melee or projectile attack. And also the reaction animations a kind of cut off. So, you can still be hitting me now just barrow through it and keep attacking me. So that are the major changes that we have.

Gambid: No collision detection actually.

Hector Sanchez: Yea, exactly.

Q3: Gambid: Question number 3. At what stage of the development of the game are you currently?

A3: Hector Sanchez: We are probably at post beta where we are about to wrap up and start our submission process pretty much. I would say about 85% - 90% is there. Everything is pretty much. It's just a lot of policy to make sure that everything just running properly.

Gambid: This means, all characters are in, all arenas?

Hector Sanchez: Oh yea, all arenas, all characters, everybody is in. We are not doing any more kind of art content. We are just, you know, putting it all together and put in the final to shine right.

Q4: Gambid: Question number 4. What was your reaction on the fake trailer that appeared on YouTube about a month before any official information was released? You know the one with Raiden flashing in the background, that everyone actually took for real.

A4: Hector Sanchez: I did see that one, I remember. Yea, you know what, I was a little, I wasn't disappointed, it just shows the passion of our fan base. That somebody will take the time out to kind of put that together and it was really cool. I mean, it was done really well. I mean, I like the pacing of it, but it is obviously not the quality of Mortal Kombat, that you should come to expect from the Midway team. It looked very amateurishly, there were a lot of things that were kind of like, you know, little wrong about it and stuff like that but you know it was a good attempt. It was nice to get people to talk about it, and people did start to talking about it. So it serves its purpose. And it got the person who did it... Did you do it?

Gambid: No, no... my visitors will kill me :)

Q5: Gambid: Question number 5. What was Mortal Kombat 8 before you took the whole DC part into in? What was the concept?

A5: Hector Sanchez: Mortal Kombat 8 is... was a very dark, brutal, you know greedy kind of game but pretty early on we know the DC part kind of got, you know, mixed up into it so we didn't actually scratch that we just put it on hold for a little bit of time right now. We are still going to make, you know, dark, brutal Mortal Kombat M-rated game, but right now we are doing this and it is going to be good and we don't actually have anything else to say about the next game.

Gambid: OK, now some Storymode/story questions.


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