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 Post subject: Mortal Kombat: The Movie 20th Anniversary | The Untold Story
 Post Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2015 2:27 pm 
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20 years ago, on August 18th 1995 a video game based movie hit theaters worldwide and against all odds and expectations grossed $122 million worldwide, breaking the video game curse as the first adaptation embraced by fans. This movie was Mortal Kombat: The Movie produced by Larry Kasanoff and Threshold Entertainment.

Mortal Kombat The Movie 20th Anniversary

Now 20 years later producer Larry Kasanoff, Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon, director Paul [W.S.] Anderson and most of the cast members sat down with Hollywood Reporter Aaron Couch to tell the Untold Story of Mortal Kombat: The Movie. Here are some highlights from the article:

The guys at Midway showed Kasanoff Mortal Kombat, a new game they said would beat his T2 record. It was bloody, hyper-realistic and already a sensation at the arcade. But Kasanoff believed it was destined to be more than just a video game. He envisioned it as a phenomenon on the order of T2. He saw a TV series, stage shows, albums and movies all in its future.

Midway wasn't so sure.


Kasanoff: Everyone was telling me this wouldn't work and my career would be over. Including New Line. They'd already greenlighted the movie, and the studio head walked in with the script, threw it down on the table and said, "I hate the script. I hate this movie." And he yelled at us for an hour and then said, "Go ahead and make it."

Anderson: The script was kind of being written while we were in preproduction, which is a challenging thing, but it was a good thing, because it gave me the opportunity to help steer the direction. When it came to actually shooting the movie, I really encouraged the actors to ad lib quite a lot. It was a lot of the humor in the movie. There's a lot of good humor, especially coming form Linden Ashby [Johnny Cage] and Christopher Lambert [Raiden].

Linden Ashby, Johnny Cage: We came up with, "Those were $500 sunglasses, asshole," and the silly moment in the movie, the opening when I walk in and I go, "Let's dance."

Boon: [Fellow Mortal Kombat co-creator] John [Tobias] and I had comments about the script because I remember at first, from our perspective, it was way too comical. Raiden was cracking jokes like a prankster, and I remember saying, "He's not a clown, he's a very serious character." We didn't write the script, but we read the script and we sent back comments.

Apelian: We originally had Cameron Diaz cast as Sonya Blade. We were at New Line when The Mask was in postproduction, and Cameron Diaz was not a household name. No one knew her. New Line said, "Why don't you look some of the dailies that are coming in from this film and see what you think of this young, unknown actress." As soon as we saw the dailies from The Mask, there was no question that she was a star. We put her into training, because she had not really done this kind of martial arts work before. She broke her wrist right before shooting to the point where she couldn't do the martial arts stunts we needed. We were very happy with Bridgette [Wilson-Sampras]. It was great she was available.

Click here to read the entire interview.

Want to know more about the history of Mortal Kombat: The Movie take a look at episode 4 of The History of Mortal Kombat:

We also have a lot of Behind The Scenes videos which you can find here.

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 Post subject: Re: Mortal Kombat: The Movie 20th Anniversary | The Untold S
 Post Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 1:37 am 
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It's really amazing how many oods and how much work they've put into that and it paid off. Even though the canon of the movies/Conquest is different from the games they were still awesome, just like this movie. One of my all time favorites.

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