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Possibly The Rarest Easter Egg In Mortal Kombat History?

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Possibly The Rarest Easter Egg In Mortal Kombat History?

Post by Roy Arkon »

There have been many secrets and Easter Eggs throughout the history of Mortal Kombat, from big ones to small ones, to ones that are very well known to ones that are super obscure, and the most obscure, rarest Easter Egg in MK history might just have been found.

As shown by MK YouTuber Mitsuownes, in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, if you go to the PVP version of the Test Your Might mini game and both players fail, there's a chance that Dan Forden's iconic "TOASTY!" voice line will be heard in the background. As far as we know, at least, there was no indication or information piece about Forden's legendary voice line being in MKDA, let alone in the PVP Test Your Might of all places.

According to Mitsu himself, this video took 2 hours to record, which means that the triggering of the "TOASTY!" line is random. So if you wanna try it out for yourselves, chances are that it's gonna take you a while.

It's unbelievable that secrets are still found in Mortal Kombat games, both classic and modern ones alike, even up to this day, and we can only imagine how many of them are yet to be discovered.

Check out Mitsuownes' video down below, the "TOASTY!" voice line is at the 00:59 mark:

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