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MK1 (2023) Invasions Season 6 Reptile Final Boss Secret Fight

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Roy Arkon
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MK1 (2023) Invasions Season 6 Reptile Final Boss Secret Fight

Post by Roy Arkon »

The final boss for the next season of Invasions in Mortal Kombat 1 (2023). season 6, has been revealed. It is none other than Reptile. And of course, with every season, that means that there is a secret fight against the boss of the following, and Reptile is no exception.

To trigger the secret fight against Reptile, you need to get to final boss of the current season, Dark Raiden, pick Reptile himself and win the match with a Brutality.

Here is a video from my channel, showcasing me getting to secret fight against Reptile and beating him with my Reptile. Enjoy.

As a huge Reptile fan, I'm ecstatic to see what the next season of Invasions, a mode that only gotten to be better and better every season, will bring along with Reptile being the final boss.

For more information about Mortal Kombat 1 (2023), check out our section for the game right here.

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No matter the form, Reptile is always awesome
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