Mortal Kombat 1 (2023) Patch Notes - 03/27/2023

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Mortal Kombat 1 (2023) Patch Notes - 03/27/2023

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The latest patch for Mortal Kombat 1 (2023) has just dropped for all platforms. This patch is for making Janet Cage, the latest Kameo in the game, to be fully playable, alongside bug fixes. Here are the notes:

General Fixes & Adjustments
  • Kameo Janet Cage is now available on all platforms
  • Addressed an issue causing frame rate to drop during Kombat League matches
  • Addressed a crash in the Seasonal Tower when the Blood Ritual modifier is randomly selected
  • Addressed an issue with Mileena’s Roll (Back, Down + Back Kick) causing her to go out of bounds after connecting with an Exploding Krystal modifier
  • Addressed an issue causing Task 5 of the Frame Data Unsafe Attack lesson to be impossible to complete
Character Specific Adjustments

Kameo Fighter
Janet Cage
  • Addressed an issue that would cause Janet to attack in the wrong direction when performing a follow-up Hop Punch or Hop Skip Punch
PC Specific (Steam & EGS)

General Fixes & Adjustments
  • Updates to Online benchmarking for optimal Krossplay experience
Nintendo Switch Specific

General Fixes & Adjustments
  • Fixed visual issue with Order of Darkness Reptile palette
  • Fixed issue with facial expressions disappearing during Peacemaker's fatalities
  • Fixed visual issue with Stryker Kameo brutality
  • Fixed visual issue with Sub Zero’s eyes while using the Deadly Alliance skin
  • Fixed visual issue with Omni-Man’s cape during fights
  • Fixed issue preventing reconnection to servers unless the game was restarted
  • Fixed visual issue with Mileena’s Shiva Ranatai skin
  • Fixed issue where HUD would randomly disappear
  • Fixed issue with improper animations with Mileena's Order of Darkness skins
  • Fixed issue causing a disconnect on King of the Hill
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