MKX Variations Are Coming Back To MK1 (2023) Via Tremor Kameo

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MKX Variations Are Coming Back To MK1 (2023) Via Tremor Kameo

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As we all know, Tremor is set to be the first DLC Kameo for Mortal Kombat 1 (2023) and he will arrive alongside Omni-Man next month. However, Ed Boon came in with a new tease for Tremor on X, and just a Rock-Type Pokemon in Generation 3, this tease is a (Rock) Blast from the past.

Ed Boon has shown the Tremor Kameo can flip between to forms, Aftershock and Metallic. These are the exact same names of two of the Variations that Tremor had back in Mortal Kombat X. Even more interestingly, Ed Boon refers to these stances in the post as "the many faces of Tremor", which possibly means we are gonna get more stances than just these two, possibly even a return of the 3rd Variation of Tremor from MKX, Crystalline.
Of course we will have to see how it works, and most likely we will see this in a future Kombat Kast for both Omni-Man and Tremor. We of course will keep you update on all the details about this topic and much more.

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