MK11U Secret By Dizzy Has Finally Been Reveled

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MK11U Secret By Dizzy Has Finally Been Reveled

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Just over a year ago, we reported that there are still some hidden secrets in Mortal Kombat XL, Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate and Injustice 2 according to NetherRealm Studios' Stephanie "16-Bit" Brownback, in relation to a secret in MK11U that was stated to be hidden by another NRS/WB developer, Aaron "Dizzy" Davis, all the way back in 2020. Ever since, neither Dizzy's secret nor any other secrets have been discovered, until now.

A few days ago, Dizzy Tweeted that someone, who's a well known member of the NRS/WB nonetheless, has DM'ed him that he finally discovered Dizzy's hidden secret, and of course Dizzy quote-Tweeted his original Tweet back from 2020 to make sure there is no confusion on the matter:

On the next day, that community member turned out to be MK content creator Waz, and as you could already see from Dizzy's Tweet above, the secret in question is a character-specific Easter Egg, belonged to the gunslinger of Outworld, Erron Black. As you know, every character in MK11U has multiple match intros, round-victory taunts and victory outros. In on particular round taunt, Erron Black flips a coin a couple of times before he puts it back in his pocket. If you get that taunt while holding Up, instead of putting the coin in his pocket, he would toss the coin to the opponent. But that's not all, as there's an extra part to that Easter Egg, which at least at the moment it seems random, in which Erron Black will also tell to the opponent "keep the change". So Erron Black not only has a secret round-winning taunt, but he also has hidden voice-line included to it.

Here's a video from Waz's Twitter, showcasing the Easter Egg, at which he also clarifies that he only discovered the hidden voice-line while other members discovered the secret taunt and told him about it:
Of course, there are more secrets hidden, as we mentioned already, across multiple games, but the fact that at least one of them has finally been discovered 4 years after it was hinted, goes to show that there we can still discover them all as well. Whatever those secrets are, they are surely cool such as this one, and we will report to you about them as soon as they are discovered.

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