Another Mortal Kombat Reference In The Last Of Us Media

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Another Mortal Kombat Reference In The Last Of Us Media

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We all know that Naughty Dog, the creators of the Last of Us franchise, are huge Mortal Kombat fans, and it clearly shows with the Mortal Kombat II poster that they added as a reference to MK in The Last of Us Remake. And now, the Last of Us has made another MK reference, except this time it's not in a video game form, but rather a TV show form.

On the latest episode of HBO's The Last of Us TV show. which is based on the game series, there was a scene in which the two main characters, Ellie and Joel, come to an abandoned building in search for supplies, and Ellie comes across an Arcade machine in the room. This scene also happened in the game (to be more accurate, in the Left Behind DLC), except that in the game, the Arcade machine was of a fictional fighting game called "The Turning", and there is character in that game called "Angel Knives" that had access to a finishing move with which she would punch a hole through the opponent's stomach before kicking the opponent's head off. That one in in itself was already an MK Easter Egg, particularly for MK's iconic Fatalities. In the episode, however, the Arcade Machine was changed to be an MK2 Arcade Machine, and the character that Ellie mentions is non-other than Mileena, and the finishing move that Ellie talks about was changed to be Mileena's "Man Eater" Fatality in MK2.

Here are both a video of the original cutscene from the Last of Us game, and a clip from the Last of Us episode with the MK2 Arcade Machine and the MK2 Mileena reference.

Always awesome to see references that are related to Mortal Kombat, either from MK for another franchise or vice versa, and this one is no exception.

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Re: Another Mortal Kombat Reference In The Last Of Us Media

Post by Gambid »

I also saw this when I watched the episode, was soooo cool.

Can highly recommend the series as such, has been amazing so far.
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