Mortal Kombat Sets Yet More Sales Milestones

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Mortal Kombat Sets Yet More Sales Milestones

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<!--Tags: mk1, mkx, mk11, midway--> In July of last year, we reported you on several sales milestone that the Mortal Kombat series has achieved. These news confirmed at the time that Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate has reached 12 million copies sold, also that Mortal Kombat XL is just right above it in sales, as well as that the Mortal Kombat Mobile app has reached 138 million downloads, and overall, the series has sold 73 million copies, at which point it was already the best selling fighting game franchise of all time.

A few days ago, Warner Bros. Games have sent a new press release in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the MK franchise, in which the sales stats have been updated and showcase new millstones. As of right now, MK11U has sold 15 million copies, MK Mobile has massed more than 150 million downloads, and the franchise has sold more than 79 million copies overall, taking it's all time best-selling fighting game franchise status to an even greater height.

While it isn't clear if MKXL still got more copies sold than MK11U or the tides have been turned to the latter's favor, a milestone of 15 million copies sold is unquestionably gigantic, especially considering that the fighting game genre is a very niche genre in general, and shows that MK11U is in an amazing place, over 3 and half years later after release. And regardless what are the sales numbers for MKXL, this game has proven it's success as well and to a insanely high degree.

As we can see, the series is in a fantastic place, and we can all just imagine where NetherRealm Studios/Warner Bros. Games will take the series from here. These are huge milestones indeed, and regardless what the next Mortal Kombat game will bring to the table, the future looks as bright as it possibly be. And if it does look dark to you, it's only because of the violence, blood and gore that only Mortal Kombat can bring in. :mrgreen:
MK 30th Anniversary Sales Milestones
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