More Details And Teases From Ed Boon

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More Details And Teases From Ed Boon

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<!--Tags: mk11, misc--> Even though we don't have any idea what the next NetherRealm Studios/Warner Bros. game is going to be, we did get a few details from Ed Boon over the past several months. Over this past day, Boon revealed more details in order to give a clear look on what can come next, and he didn't come out without teases as well.

This started with a Tweet regarding an article on Gamerant about Injustice 2 and what Injustice 3 could be like (we do however know that IJ3 isn't the next game), in which Boon commented on how he and the rest of NRS/WB appreciate that two games from both the Mortal Kombat and Injustice franchises (these are of course Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate and IJ2) are both being wished to have sequels to them. Boon says that they wish they could do both simultaneously, but they can't. Boon even had to make a 2nd Tweet in a row just to clear things up to avoid any misunderstanding.
But that didn't stop there. If you kept tracking on the rumor mill over the past year, there were rumors that the next NRS/WB game would actually be a Marvel Vs. DC crossover fighting game, as NRS/WB said in the past that they would like to make such a game. So someone has interpreted these 2 Tweets as a tease to that game, to which Boon had to clarify that this wasn't the case.
Finally, NRS/WB pro fighting game player Bryant "Kitana Prime" Benzing came to the conclusion that this means that Mortal Kombat 12 is the next game, on top of characters from both the MK and DC universes joining Multiverses, the upcoming free-2-play platform fighting game made by Player First Games and published by WB Games, which already includes a few DC characters. Of course that Boon, being the master teaser that he is, jumped back and forth between the answers of both "yes" and "no" to such conclusion.
So what we can clearly gather from this is that no matter what the next game will be, something's gotta give, and understandably so. NRS are only one studio in of the collection of studios under the umbrella of WB Games, and they can't make more than one game at once without cutting off the quality of their games. This is not the first time that Boon has made such statement though, as he did so already in the past, and it seems that nothing has changed in that regard since then. As for what the next game is actually gonna be, we still don't know, yet it seems that other than IJ3, all the remaining options are still possible.

So let's just give NRS/WB all the time they need to give us the best game possible like they always do, regardless what it will be.

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