MK11U Mileena Moves Done In Real Life

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MK11U Mileena Moves Done In Real Life

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<!--Tags: mk11, misc--> Sofia Mathilde, a stuntwoman who is also a big fan of video games and a YouTuber, has uploaded a video in which she performs various moves from the Mortal Kombat purple female Ninja, Mileena, from Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate. Appropriately equipped with a pair of Sai daggers, Mathilde showcases singular attacks, kombo Strings and special moves, and in the spirit of MK11U, she leads to some of Mileena's Krushing Blows and Brutalities as well, along with direct comparison clips of Mileena from the game itself.

Here is the video from Mathilde's channel, enjoy.

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