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 Post subject: Ed Boon and Producer John Podlasek Interview
 Post Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2004 3:35 pm 
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GameInformer just updated their website with an exclusive interview with Ed Boon and the producer of Mortal Kombat: Deception - John Podlasek. You will find a lot of interesting information, so click here and take a look.

BB: The games that you’re bringing to Treasures, are they going to be straight ports from the consoles or are they going to be the original arcade games?

EB: I believe that they’re the original arcade versions, I mean exactly the same versions, like emulating or MAME.
BB: I’ve played fighting games on Xbox Live, like Capcom Vs. SNK, and encountered lag. Not a lot, but I did have some issues. How are you guys working to address that issue?

EB: We played Capcom’s game as well, and from the beginning that was our number one thing. How do we reduce the lag? Our approach to the whole issue of communication between the two systems is pretty radically different and our main goal was to never take away your control of your character. In terms of when we sent something back and when you respond to controls, we have a completely different set of rules and we’re actually very excited about what we’re getting back so far with it. It’s an ongoing process since the very nature of fighting games is so twitch and you want to respond right away, so that’s what we really wanted to focus our energy on. The inherent delay that you would usually get as a result of broadband, we want to keep it a fun experience. We’re only going to support broadband, we don’t want the game only being good online for a small percentage of players. We think people will be pleased with it.
BB: Are you guys planning any downloadable content?

EB: Probably not in this version. We were dying to do something like a downloadable background or character, but the task of getting both the Xbox and PS2 online and all these modes was just a ton of content. We kind of had to draw the line on downloadable content.
JP: When we looked at Deadly Alliance, we were like “wow, this looks generic.”
EB: Yeah, when you look at Deadly Alliance, it looks like a generic version of Deception.
BB: Do you know how many characters will be playable in the E3 version?

EB: Around 10.

Thanks to our forum member Drumen the Assassin for the heads-up.

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 Post Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2004 1:36 am 
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Ah man! I wish they would have brought the mk games in mat2 as there home versions


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