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 Post subject: The Developers Challenge You To Mortal Kombat
 Post Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2009 7:11 pm 
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Ed Boon's personal website, Noob.Com has recently been updated and one of the news on it is a challenge. That's right, the Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe developers team challenges you to Mortal Kombat. Here is the announcement:

This Friday (Jan 23) several members of the MK development team will be online playing Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. Now is your chance to see how your MK skills stack up against the people who made the game!

Here is the list of the people, who will be playing online:

- Ed Boon - Creative Director/Team Lead
- Paulo Garcia - Senior Designer
- Brian Lebaron - Designer
- Ryan Rosenberg - Environment Artist
- Eddie Ferrier - Designer
- Adam Hernandez - Design Support
- Hector Sanchez - Producer
- Dave Bulvan - Lead Software Tester
- Derek Kirtzic - Gameplay Tester
- Shaun Himmerick - Producer
- Hans Lo - Producer

And below you can find the exact scedule;

XBOX™ Live:
Friday, Jan. 23rd - 8PM (ET) - 11PM (ET)

- Kamidogu
- MK Noob
- MK Hornbuckle
- MK HanzoHasashi
- MK BlindKenshi
- MK Tundra
- MK Apep
- MK Ketchup
- MK Mustard
- MK Skully
- FreezeGoroSweep

The PlayStation® Network:
Friday, Jan. 23rd - 10PM (ET) - Midnight (ET).

- Kamidogu
- MKNoob
- MKHornbuckle
- MKHanzoHasashi
- MKBlindKenshi
- MKTundra
- MKApep
- MKKetchup
- MKMustard
- MKSkully
- FreezeGoroSweep

This is indeed a unique chance, so go and put your skills to a test.

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