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 Post subject: Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance at the Tokyo Game Show
 Post Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2002 7:00 am 
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"KOEI has recently picked up publishing rights to several of Midway's upcoming releases, and the fruits of this deal are being shown at this year's Tokyo Game Show..." So begins the article that was posted at GameSpot.
One of these games is Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. KOEI shown one much completed version of the game. Here are the main changes:

1. Special Moves - "Sub-Zero can freeze people with an ice blast, but unlike previous MK games, the target doesn't instantly freeze. Instead, the character slows down to a standstill as they turn to solid ice." Also some other Special Moves were shown, Cyrax' bombs, Scorpion's rising flip kick and Johnny Cage's ever-popular shadow kick.

2. Test Your Might - This minigame is now in too but there are no changes in the gameplay yet.

3. Hsu Hao - This is a new fighter in the team. Hsu looks a bit like a wrestler wearing a cop hat. I think that he is the character known as Khan.

4. Three never seen before arenas - based on the IGN's article.

"The first looks like a haunted harbor of sorts. Dilapidated pirate ships bob in the ocean behind you as the fight rages on. The second new arena we saw was a sort of circular gondola floating down the river (reminiscent of certain stages in Soul Calibur). As you fight, oarsmen row the platform of death along the water. The final new arena is a vortex of sorts. You battle on a stone platform as a huge funnel cloud in the background sucks everything into itself. Swirling debris was constantly flowing into the tornado, although the fighters' footing didn't seem to be affected by the heavy winds."

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