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Kombat Pack 3: A Trolling Move or a Sign of Things to Come?

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Kombat Pack 3: A Trolling Move or a Sign of Things to Come?

Post by Roy Arkon »

<!--Tags: mkx, mkxl -->As the Mortal Kombat XL update for the PC as well as the balance patch for it across all platforms are upon us for a fact, we didn't receive any news recently regarding another big request from fans: Kombat Pack 3. Well, MK Co-Creator Ed Boon has sent a Tweet that might be just a trolling move but it might be a sign of things to come.

In this Tweet, Boon shows a comic book page of him in the Netherrealm Studios office in a meeting, asking his peers what they need to do with MKXL. Both the ideas of bringing the MKXL update to the PC and a balance patch are suggested, and then a 3rd worker suggest the inclusion of KP3, then Boon get's mad, and kicks that guy of the building's window.

Considering that the first 2 suggestions in the comic are only 2 weeks away from coming to full fruition, this comic might suggest that Kombat Pack 3 isn't in the works, and one might walking even further into this conclusion considering that Netherrealm Studios are also working on Injustice 2 at the moment, but then again, it might be just a trolling move from the Netherrealm Studios Head and MK Co-Creator. Maybe we won't get a full KP3, but we might get one or 2 extra characters (like we got in Injustice 1) or a bunch of new skins, or even both, and maybe, we would get a fully fledged Kombat Pack 3. Only time will tell.

You can see Boon's Tweet in this link.

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