How Scorpion And Sub-Zero Got Their Iconic Fighting Stances

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How Scorpion And Sub-Zero Got Their Iconic Fighting Stances

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<!--Tags: mk1--> Several months ago, Ed Boon shared a video of the creation of Scorpion's iconic Spear move in Mortal Kombat 1, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Mortal Kombat series which is of course this year. Continuing the celebration, Boon shared another video, this time showing the process coming with the fighting stances for both Scorpion and Sub-Zero in MK1, which would become iconic.

Boon explains in full detail the whole process, from how they and on what basis both Boon and John Tobias had to make their decisions, what ideas for stances make the cut to the final game, how it went with the budget and memory that were given to them for making the game and more.

Check out the video from Boon's Tweet along with the whole thread below. Enjoy.

At the end, Boon said that he hopes to share more behind-the-scenes footage like this. We can all now share this hope so we would be able to see how the Mortal Kombat series become the iconic franchise that it is today.

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