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surprise ninja kenshi skin.

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surprise ninja kenshi skin.

Post by mkx user 2.0 »

i made this is as exclusive for a friend.
but since we don´t play mkx anymore i will release it here. is some kind of goodbye gift for the community, thanx you guys i see you around.
i hope you guys enjoy him. i8 put some extra effort to make it look badass

https://www.mediafire.com/file/8vggwua7 ... k.rar/file

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Re: surprise ninja kenshi skin.

Post by joven1 »

Don't say goodbye my good friend just always visits our site. Who knows in the future MK11 is posible to skin mod also.
Thanks for this.and all your skin masterpiece since MKX era.
i still have a Subzero mod skin you didn't give to me.
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