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 Post subject: My ideas for DLC characters to add to Mortal Kombat 9
 Post Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 7:45 pm 
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Here, I wanted to share my ideas on characters mods that could be added to Mortal Kombat 9 as DLC character mods. if any modder needs ideas and suggestions, I am here to help

Rumored MK characters :
- Red Robin, based on klassic ninja mk1 costume, whole red with Classic Reptiles moveset
- Nimbus Terrafaux, based on Jax Costume 2, black costume with red stripes and gloves, having Jax moveset
- Aqua, based on klassic MK1 ninja costume, all black with red shoulder pads, yellow mask, yellow gloves and knee pads, having Classic Reptiles moveset
- Emerald, based on klassic mk2 female ninja costume, greener than jade with Classic Jades or Mileenas moveset
- Ruby, based on klassic mk2 female ninja costume, red outfit with black stripes and black hair, having Kitanas moveset

Classic MK characters :
- Inferno Scorpion - scorpion without mask, both primary and klassic versions, having scorpions moveset
- Cyber Smoke - smoke with cyber costume, added as DLC character, having both primary and klassic MK3 costumes, having Smokes own moveset

Other game/movie characters :
- Ghost Rider : based on Scorpion without mask, all black outfit with Scorpions moveset
- Bruce Lee : based on Liu Kang costume 1 with shorter hair and iconic dark blue pants, with three line scar on the chest, having liu kangs moveset
- IP MAN : based on Kung Lao costume 2, all dark blue kung fu outfit without hat, with Kung Laos moveset
- Mike Tyson : based on Jax Costume 1 with human arms, iconic tattoo on head with Jax moveset
- Zeus (based on Shang Tsung costume 2) with glowing blue eyes, very white hair and beard, having Raidens moveset

all those would be great additions for MK9 (added as DLC characters, DLCmanager version)

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