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 Post subject: Fear Reptile Father Fan Fic
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:28 pm 

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HEIGHT: 6’5 WEIGHT: 230 ORIGIN: Outworld SPECIES: Unclear ALIGNMENT: Neutral FIGHTING STYLE: Snake and Mantis WEAPON: War Ax ALLIES: None ENEMIES: Shang Tsung

DESCRIPTION FACE: Fear’s face look similar to Cell’s first face from Dragon Ball Z.


UPPERBODY: Fear has green skin surrounded by a fog-like essence. He has bladed gauntlets on his forearms. LOWERBODY: Fear where ninja-type slacks than are a darker green. Fear also wears dark green and black boots.

COMBAT CHARACTERISTICS FIGHTING STANCE Shang Tsung fighting stance should be similar to his MK vs. DCU fighting stance.


Pulse Wave Fist: Fear fist illuminate as he does a dashing lunge punch that disables his opponent’s specials for a few seconds. NOTE: Effect last for 5 seconds. Hypnosis: Fear eyes illuminates and shoots a pulsing wave. If the opponent is caught in the wave, they are instantly stunned leaving them open for attack. NOTE: Wave stretches to about 25% of the screen. Internal Transfer: Fear turns into a ghost-like figure, dashes, and enters his opponent. Once inside an opponent, he make his opponent hit himself with a powerful attack that sends the opponent flying. Fear ghost stands in the spot where the opponent initially was. NOTE: Attack is unblockable; yet it takes time to charge. The charge time is about as long as sub-Zero’s ice nugget. Fear reappears if he is unable to touch his opponent. Ghostly Teleport: Fear fades into nothing and reappears behind his opponent. Pyramid Fireball: Fear shoots a pyramid-like fireball at his opponent. Nightmare Uppercut: Fear quickly turns slight mist like as he jumps in the air and deliver a powerful uppercut. NOTE: Move is a similar version of Johnny Cage’s Shadow Uppercut. Levitation: Pulsing waves begin to appear on Fear’s back like wings which cause him to levitate.


Eternal Nightmare: Fear levitates his defeated opponent. The screen quickly flashes into the opponent’s mind. (The characters have a darker black shade and the background is a wavy bloody red.) The character is the trapped in what seems to be a vertical coffin. Fear appears in front of the opponent in the form of their worst nightmare. Fear morphs into what seems to be a bladed Shokan. Fear then guts, slices and mutilates his opponent. After his deadly combo the casket closes. Inside the casket door were spike that stabs through the opponent. When the opponent wakes up, what happened in their nightmare actually appears on their body. The opponent screams and dies within a few seconds.

Pyramid of Entrapment: Fear summons a giant pyramid that surrounds his opponent. The pyramid then begins to close and crush his opponent. The opponent’s bones begin to break, snap, and protrude through their skin. Eventually the opponent is completely crushed. The pyramid disappears and the blood begins to pour everywhere.


Before the events of Armageddon, Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung made their way down to the depths of the dungeon located under his fortress. The dungeon seems dark and reeks of death. When they draw closer to the prisoner, flashes of light can be seen. A mysterious figure is being brutally tortured by two shadow priest. Shao Kahn tells the two priests to halt their attacks as he approaches the prisoner. He lifts up the prisoner bloody face and then backhands him. “Treacherous fool, did you think I would ever forget about you traitor? I would have granted you death, but I had something much more painful in mind for you. Does it hurt? How many times have you begged for death? A thousand? A million? Don’t worry, you will ask a million times more and a million after that. I will make sure you suffer for an eternity Fear. You won’t be blessed with death anytime soon.” speaks Kahn as he orders the priest to continue with the torture. As Kahn turns away, Fear looks up and stares at a grinning Shang Tsung. Before Shang Tsung stepped away from the chamber, a small whisper could be heard from Fear… Revenge!

Fears origins date back to the beginning of Kahn’s reign. After Shao Kahn murdered Onaga, he began recruiting warriors for his purpose. Kahn sent his men to find the most worthy warriors throughout the realms. Shao Kahn recruited only the finest warriors to serve him personally. While warriors such as Shang Tsung were some of those most well known throughout Outworld’s history, another warrior by the name of Fear also played a huge part in the beginning. Fear was an extremely powerful warrior who used the powers of pulse wave attacks to destroy his opponents. Rather than crush an opponent outer body, Fear could ruin and disrupt an opponent’s internal network. Fear’s worst attack was on the mind. The warrior had a unique ability that allowed him to enter an opponent’s mind and destroy them. Once Fear entered their mind, it became a test of will that usually resulted in Fear being the victor. Whatever attacks were conducted in the mind were also produced on an opponent’s body if they so happen to lose. Fear was the perfect assassin due to this ability. All of his victims lacked any physical evidence of being attacked. Fears martial arts skill was just as powerful as his mind technique. Fear spent countless years mastering the art of both Snake and Mantis. Fear often toyed with his opponents as he destroyed them. At the time he was Kahn best warrior. No one dared to match him. Fear was Kahn’s most trusted warrior and together, they conquered many realms.

While Fear received admiration and praise from Shao Kahn and his fellow comrades, there was one warrior that wanted to destroy Fear… Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung was a new edition to Shao Kahn’s army; yet, he had no desire to become just a foot soldier. He wanted power, prestige, and he wanted to get there the quickest way possible by any means necessary. The fastest way to get in Kahn’s favor was to become Mortal Kombat Grand Champion; yet, Fear stood in his way. At the time, Shang Tsung lacked the power and ability to defeat Fear which enraged him. While Shang may have lacked the physical power to defeat Fear; he had the smarts and cunning to manipulate the warrior. Shang Tsung carefully laid out a plan that would take years to complete. As Fear began defeating all those that opposed Kahn; Shang Tsung begin to form a friendship with Fear. Over a period of time, Tsung began to become Fear’s closest ally and protégé. Fear began to help Shang Tsung learn and master the Mantis and Snake techniques. Shang Tsung accomplishes many missions and task with Fear and began to earn some recognition from Kahn himself; yet, it wasn’t enough. Shang Tsung wanted the number one spot. He wanted Fear’s spot. Tsung golden opportunity to get the highest position fell into his hands one faithful day.

While Fear didn’t mind being Shao Kahn’s number one warrior, he felt that he deserved payment for his years of service. Fear politely requested that as payment over for his years of service that he maintain and ruled over a portion of Outworld. The portion was small and he felt was well deserved. Shao Kahn arrogantly looked at Fear and laughed. “Fear, you are my greatest warrior; however, everything that you foresee is mine and the one rules all of Outworld but me even to the smallest rock. Your payment is the privilege and honor of serving the greatest emperor this universe has ever seen. That is your reward!” tells Kahn to Fear. Fear quickly grew enraged by was able to catch his anger before reacting. While Kahn did not notice Fear’s hesitation, Tsung did. Tsung went quickly to Fear to discuss the recent transaction.

While Fear attempted to ignore what just transpired, Tsung words rained hard into Fear’s heart. “I can’t believe what just transpired Fear. You have been Kahn loyal and most devoted warrior. If it wasn’t for you, Kahn would not have acquired what he possesses now if it wasn’t for you. Fear you are an extreme warrior whose power and technique could rival Kahn’s. I think the reason that he doesn’t grant you what you deserve is because he’s afraid of you. (Fear eyes widen and Tsung notices his words are getting to him.) Yes, he is afraid. He knows that if he was to grant you even the smallest portion of land you could build it into something that could rival and overtake his position. He’s afraid that you will surpass him one day. That’s it. That has to be it. Fear… I believe you can destroy Kahn. I believe you have the strength and skill to surpass him now. You must defeat him. You will never go beyond your status or defeat him unless you defeat him. You can do it Fear.” explains Shang Tsung.

Slowly but surely Tsung subliminal messages rang in Fear’s mind. Slight signs of defiance and tension could be noticed by Fear’s body language. As Fear walked down a corridor he ran into Kahn. Before he could past Kahn, the emperor grabbed Fear by the throat. “I don’t know what your problem is, but I suggest you correct it. Don’t think that just because you have served me well throughout time doesn’t mean that I won’t kill you in an instant. This is your only warning!” said Shao Kahn. As Kahn disciplined Fear, Tsung hid and listened to the whole conversation. Tsung then ran to Fear and told him that he feels Kahn will kill him. Shang Tsung decided to put his full plan in motion. Tsung purposely morph himself into a guard to talk to another as Fear passed by. Knowing that Fear was behind him, Tsung whispered, “Did you hear the rumor? I overheard that Shao Kahn may kill Fear. I can’t believe… Oh Fear! (Fear stares at the guard), it was just something I heard.” said Tsung. Later on in the day, Fear heads to his chambers. Shang Tsung is waiting for Fear inside of his chambers with his head down. Fear asks Tsung how is he get into his room. Tsung tells him that he broke in, but he has something more important to tell him. Shang Tsung tells Fear that Shao Kahn ordered him to assassinate him, but he could not do it. Fear grew in rage. “The time for explanations is over Fear. You have to battle Kahn. You are my mentor. I don’t want to see you destroyed. I have a plan on how we can kill Kahn.” explain Shang Tsung. In a Rage of anger, confusion, and mixed emotions, Fear goes along with Tsung’s plan. Tsung kills one of the guards that were on his way to Kahn’s chambers to stand post and morphs into him. When he gets to the other guard, he murders him as well. Before Fear make it to Kah’s chambers, he morphs back into himself. “I have killed the guards. Shao Kahn is all yours. You can beat him. I will stand guard until the battle is over. Good luck my friend.” says a worried Shang Tsung.

Fear then steps in Kahn’s chambers. “What are you doing here Fear!” yells Kahn. Without question, Fear rushes and attacks Kahn. In the beginning Kahn is caught off guard by Fear attacks; however, he quickly regains his composure and evens the battle. Shang Tsung then opens the door to enter. Fear knocks down Kahn and prepares to do his Eternal Nightmare fatality but before he can perform the fatality he is hit by a projectile that knocks him to the ground. Fear looks up and to his disbelief; it was Shang Tsung that attacked him. The attack and distraction is enough to distract Fear as Kahn quickly leaps up and nail him with a powerful attack that severely wounds him. “What’s going on?” asks Fear. Shang Tsung then shows his true colors, “Shao Kahn, I heard rumors and found evidence that Fear was planning to assassinate you. The guard outside your chamber and the second guard on the way to this post are dead. Fear murdered them Kahn. I barged in because I feared for your life my emperor. It is a good thing that I made it here when I did.” In great disbelief, Fear attempts to rise, but he is soon caught by Kahns massive grip. “You dare attempt to kill me? After everything I have given you? I should kill you on the spot, but death is too good for you. I have something much worse in mind. Shang Tsung! Your actions will not go unrewarded. You will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts.” says Kahn. Shao Kahn then continues to beat and pommel Fear within an inch of his life. Kahn then summons all of Outworld to witness Fear’s betrayal and treachery. He had the crowds watch as Fear constantly screamed in pain from Kahn’s torture. The message was simple, betray your emperor and suffer a fate worst than death. After a week worth observation, Fear was transported into the dungeon where was torture restlessly until the events of Deception where he was discovered by Onaga. Onaga went into the dungeons to observe Shao Kahn captured prisoners. Onaga gave each prisoner two options, prove you worth or die. Onaga went through every prisoner except for Fear himself. Now it was now Fear’s turn to prove his worth. “What can you offer me in order for me to spare your life?” said Onaga. Fear then searches for the most weak-minded individual. As a tired and weakened prisoner begins to walk, Fear stares into his eyes and locks onto his mind to begin his fatality. Once again, Fear wins the battle of wills and kills the prisoner. “You wanted to see what I can offer you, I can offer you total victory against your opponents.” tells Fear. Onaga is highly impressed with the warrior and demand he is released. Even though Fear is freed, the punishment put on his body throughout the years nearly crippled Fear. Fear could barely move his body; however, he begins to rehab himself in order to serve his Lord Onaga. As Onaga tends to his affairs, Fear realized something significant during his training, the constant torture destroyed the functions in his body; yet, his mind and will causes it to move. This is a challenge; yet, and advantage for Fear. It was a challenge to increase his will to move his body; yet, because of his physical failure, his body could not feel any pain. Fear knew that he must be able to control his body; yet, perform his mind fatality at the same time without losing focus and control of his body. As Fear began to master both, he was informed about the events of Armageddon and the Onaga hasn’t returned. Fear grew angry and attempted to investigate the scene; yet, it seemed that the site of Armageddon disappeared. Fear could sense there was a battle, but he was unable to find Onaga. Fear continued to perfect his technique. As Fear completed his training, he heard news of a tournament. While Fear briefly heard of the Thunder God Raiden and heard whispers in the prison about Liu Kang, he never met confronted the two. Fear was intrigued however at the idea of the winner having anything he wanted grant if he becomes the new champion of Mortal Kombat. If Fear could defeat Liu Kang, he could ask Raiden to regenerate his body so he could have full focus and control of his mind technique without having to manage the function of his body.

Fear enters the tournament to destroyed Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung in order to claim what is rightfully his… Outworld.

i can post pics if you want !

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