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 Post subject: mk fan fic fatality's
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:27 pm 

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Baraka goes to his opponent gives a little laugh then he puts his feet over
his opponents feet pining there feet down then Baraka pulls both his arms
back taking out his blades then quickly shoves his blades at his opponents
torso savagely pulling making the upper and lower body tear apart slowly
and Baraka looks at the opponents eyes while he is doing this then when
the upper body is torn off Baraka retracts his blades making the opponents
body fall off then Baraka quickly takes out one blade impaling the opponent
under there jaw to the back of there head then Baraka raises the opponent
in the air impaled on Barakas blades by the there head and torso intaked !

Baraka fatality : Baraka with his blades cut
is opponent into pieces and start to do a friendship ,
but throw the body part like balls and play haki with his feet too ,
there and after the blood explode to the screen and cut the part
into pieces and grab them and the body parts falls on the blades
and when he kneel down the body parts falls , and baraka comes back
and cross his blade baraka wins fatality : CENSORED

Baraka new Fatality idea
with his blade he chop the upper body like and X , Cut the head and legs left blade head right blade legs
then he does his whirlwind spin like mk t or mk vs dc then the body stop spinning
and he give a kick to the body and the body explode into pieces

kano fatality idea by fear : you remember the kano knife spinning move in mkt psx ,
so there it is . kano do a canon ball straight to the opponent with his spinning knife move
and slice his opponent in two , after he turn sideway and slice the head of his opponent
after he slice the opponent in half with his canon ball knife spinning move
and blood explode all over the place and blood appears on the screen and kano do his
winning pose and we hear kano wins fatality and the blood go down the screen .

kano grab the opponent by the treat hw grab his raptor knife ,
cut the troat ears to ears , blod is going out ,
now he take his knife and cut in half from the bottom of the belly to the troat and
with his both hands rally fast rip the skin and flesh bones and flood fall all over and
with his knife he hit the heart and pull it back and raise his arm over with the heart and swallow the blood .
Kano Wins Fatality

Mileena walks to her opponent seducing him or her
and when close pulls the opponents head back slowly then savagely bites
the opponents neck taking a big chunk out of there neck then Mileena grabs her
opponent by the neck gash jump puts her feet on her opponents chest then quickly
jumps again tearing the head off the opponent and when she lands she puts the
opponents head next to hers and smiles at the camera!

Mileena fatality Love Fatality she seduce her opponent , then kiss him , her tongue go trough
the neck downside and her tongue get out with the heart of her opponent and she eats the heart
it and says hummmmmm

sonya fatality

in mk 1 she does the twist neck to kano
she does the same , but she rip of the head and spine , and with her legs she rip the body's apart , and do her leg drop and she come back quickly on her feet with a gun and fires
the body explode with a lot of blood sonya wins fatality after her winning pose

Sindel fatality , she pick her oppenent with her hair make the oppenent spin , and each member are hold
and a cloud appear too and the electricity goes trough the hair and cloud and the body shaking , do an electrocution to the opponent
the body parts split and explode sindel does his winning pose but she decide to float and do his airball move
boom blood on the screen a lake of blood is under her and sindel do really his winning pose sindel wins fatality

reptile does is acid spit move , he break the jaws the nails on each hand grow he rip
the skin , flesh , a little like sheeva but now the character goes spinning and with his claws he slices
the fleash and body bones apparts and an explosion blood appears on the screen
reptile wins fatality .

Reptile Second Fatality when reptile does his acid spit move he should walk around the opponent spitting massive amounts of acid and
the opponent screams and moves around trying to take the acid off their skin and thats when like you mentioned he goes up to the opponent
and breaks their jaw and he claws chunks of skin and some flesh off the body and the opponent is spun and he claws the opponent into slices.
i think it would be awesome to see your fatality in action
think for the explosion reptile should do a green energy projectile like in MKSM
because since mk9 is looking more realistic with 3d and graphics an explosion cant just happen for no reason.

reptile new fatality idea
Reptile start to transform into a velociraptor ,
and begin a brutality and cut the opponent to the troat
and hit him with his claw into the body ,
then transform into a t-rex continue the brutality seperate the head and
finish with a spinosaure cut into parts arms , legs , when the opponnent
body fall on the floor bite the belly then Roar then reptile turn back to himself
sit with a fire , and eat the flesh and to the bones , arm , legs , eyes soarkling ,
his nails grows and cut the ribs and eat them too the same way ,
he eat the heart and the and and his tongue always come and back
and forth
like a snake and blood goes out of is mouth and at the end reptile eyes sparkling ,
and tongue is out and satisfied and rub is belly . each hit we see blood goes out
and some flesh like reptile do . Censored

in a foundery , saw chain and lava fire like the armoy mk2 stage when fatality appears ,
you hit your opponent with punch and kick then 2 hook grabs the character
by the neck , and 2 others on each side of the belly and drag with a chain ,
that shred your head , instead of pipes , and the rest of the body falls into melting black oil paint ,
moving and debating to get out of it and you see the body burning like in a certain movie near lava and become ...
and after drown into skull . Fatality appears after . blood appear on the screen .
Can you identify the body ? no !

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 Post subject: Re: mk fan fic fatality's
 Post Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:39 pm 
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great man, I like the part when the opponent dies :D

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 Post subject: Re: mk fan fic fatality's
 Post Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 11:38 am 
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Great work. Could you probably remove the empty lines :)

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 Post subject: Re: mk fan fic fatality's
 Post Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 10:50 am 
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superfamoso wrote:
great man, I like the part when the opponent dies :D


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