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 Post subject: [Concept] Mortal Kombat 12
 Post Posted: Fri May 29, 2020 6:23 am 
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MK11 Aftermath won't change my concept much, if at all.

Kronika's sister Titan, the one with space-powers from Shang Tsung's MK11 ending, will be the primary antagonist. Unaffected by Liu Kang's rewrite of history, she will seek revenge for what happened to Kronika. Maybe not out of affection, but perhaps because if you screw with one Titan, you screw with all of them. Lastly, like Kronika, she will not be playable.

Liu Kang and Kitana will have a daughter. Kotal and Jade will have a son. Both children will inherit the skills and powers of their parents.

Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs will stand in for Johnny, Sonya, and Jax. They'll be as old their parents were.

Scorpion and Sub Zero will be old men, complete with white hair and beards. They'll be the grandmaster of their respective clans. Both will be good guys. Sub Zero will be Kuai Liang, not Bi Han.

Shang Tsung will be reincarnated as a protagonist. He will be Earthrealm's sorcerer; MK's equivalent of Doctor Strange. He will no longer feed on souls, but protect them.

Cetrion will be reborn as Earthrealm's protector, aka Raiden's old role. She will have no memory of being Kronika's daughter or Shinnok's sister (neither exist in the new timeline).

Shao Khan will have a similar destiny to Cetrion. He will be reborn as Lord Shao, and be Outworld's protector. He will also be the trainer of Kotal and Jade's son. He won't look as evil this time around either.

Quan Chi will be a secondary antagonist. He will still be evil, naturally. He will "serve" under Kronika's Titan sister, helping her to get revenge on Liu Kang and the others.

Shujinko will also appear, as an x-factor. He will be the new timeline's counterpart to the old Shang Tsung. Put another way, he can be thought of as similar to the Hollow from "Charmed". Shujinko's obsession to absorb powers will make him an enemy to both sides, and a threat that neither one can ignore for very long.

Kano and Erron Black will be good guys - a vigilante and sheriff respectively.
Stryker will be a corrupt cop/crime lord, and Kabal will be his number two.
Nitara and Skarlet will have a rivalry.
Ashrah will be on a mission to eliminate Quan Chi, with help from Sareena.
Cyrax will be part-cybernetic and a good guy, whilst Sektor will still be evil and be full-on machine.

- Liu Kang and Kitana's daughter
- Kotal and Jade's son
- Cassie Cage
- Jacqui Briggs
- Takeda Takahashi
- Scorpion
- Sub Zero
- Reptile
- Khameleon
- Rain
- Nitara
- Skarlet
- Ashrah
- Sareena
- Smoke
- Hotaru
- Havik
- Cyrax
- Sektor
- Nightwolf
- Jarek
- Kano
- Erron Black
- Stryker
- Kabal
- Tremor
- Kung Lao (ancestor, not modern, still has the hat though)
- Sheeva
- Baraka
- Lord Shao
- Cetrion
- Shang Tsung
- Shujinko
- D'vorah
- Quan Chi

Potential DLC
- Blaze
- Onaga
- Mokap
- Meat
- Pennywise
- Scarecrow (DC villain)
- Ash Williams (about time, right!?)

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