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 Post subject: Re: Mortal Kombat (PSVita) - Fight Anywhere - Mileena Teaser
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 10:51 am 
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Gsomeer wrote:
Juxtapose13 wrote:
Out of curiosity, what do you find challenging about Kintaro?

1. He can throw you in the air, unlike other bosses;
2. He has Fire that you cannot jump over;
3. He is unpredictable.
4. His punish attacks do more damage than others.

Juxtapose13 wrote:
who do you normally play as?

Smoke, Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Kitana, Raiden, Ermac.

1. Yes he can, though he rarely does this if you time you attacks correctly.
2. Correct, but he rarely uses his Fire Breath against me and when he does, it's generally easy to avoid (I still get hit with it on occasion).
3. He's very predictable, actually.
4. I suppose. He usually doesn't hit me that much so I haven't noticed.

With Scorpion, for example, as the match starts simply jump towards him and then jump over him, punch and combo. Doesn't even need to be a fancy combo, his simple 1,1,1 combo will do. One of two things will happen: Your combo will land or he'll be invincible and block you, pushing him back a bit.

Regardless, simply repeat and always keep in close to him. He'll keep trying to punch you and rarely use any fire attacks (breath or balls, though balls seem more common). If he does his Teleport Stomp simply wait a heartbeat and then jump backwards and kick; you'll knock him right out of the air if timed correctly. After one of these is the most likely time Kintaro will try spitting Fire Balls, but if you move in and jump behind him fast enough, he'll completely miss.

This doesn't work just with Scorpion, but almost every other kombatant in the game. Off of memory, Noob Saibot was one character I had to play different with and I think there was one other one but I can't recall.

This works on Normal or Hard difficulties in Arcade Ladder, I can't comment on Expert.


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