MK11U Support Update - No Plans For Future Patches

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MK11U Support Update - No Plans For Future Patches

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<!--Tags: mkx, mkxl, mk11--> As we reported a couple of days ago, it was confirmed by the official Mortal Kombat 11 Twitter Page that the support for Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate has come to an end. Yet it still wasn't fully clear if it's just regarding DLC characters or support in general, including balance patches.

Now we do have the answer, as Jonathan Andersen, a producer at NetheRealm Studios have stated via Twitter that there are no current plans for any MK11U patches.
He even went on several Tweets to clear other matters, such as that there is even no support for the Krypt or Kombat League, which means that there are not going to be any new Krypt events (although old ones will keep returning), and there are not going to be any Kombat League seasons after the 2nd rotation of seasons is over.
And in addition, there are plans for bug fixes either, since they are now focusing on their next project. That
Author's opinion: So now we have a clear answer. There is no question that COVID-19 is to blame for this, it really delayed so many things for so many companies, and in the gaming industry, or entertainment business in general really, timing is everything. The people working in that industry have deadlines upon deadlines upon deadlines, and combine that with AT&T considering splitting all WB Games Studios, including NRS, everything got delayed even further, and it's clear that WB Games would much rather for NRS to work on their next project as scheduled.

Despite all of this, however, MK11U is still the longest supported NRS/WB game ever. The game to have that the longest support before then was Mortal Kombat XL, which got it's final DLC update 10 months and a half after launch, with it's last support update coming just a year and a half after it's release. MK11U got it's last DLC update with the Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate after one year and 7 months, and it's last support update came just last May, over two years after the game out, at which point we would've already play the next NRS/WB game in line. And of course, with the Kombat League season rotation is still intact, there is still more content to unlock as there are new Gear pieces, Brutalities and Kombat Kard items in each new season, and the 2nd rotation should at June of next year, at which point MK11U will be over 3 years old. And also, there are still new skins to unlock from time to time via the Race Against Time in the Towers of Time mode. So NRS/WB still lived up to their promise, very likely not to the extent that they initially planned, but they still made their promise. We can all of course still enjoy MK11U, as it surely is still an incredible game, and whatever is the next project from NRS/WB, it will surely be the same as that.

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