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MK Legends Battle Of The Realms Box Art & Release Date

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MK Legends Battle Of The Realms Box Art & Release Date

Post by Roy Arkon »

<!--Tags: mklbotr--> We now have new details regarding the Mortal Kombat animated movie, Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms, courtesy of Ed Boon himself via Twitter.

First we now know that the movie is set to be released digital and physical on 08.31.2021. And we also got the official box art for the movie, featuring Liu Kang, Raiden and Kuai Liang Sub-Zero.

Check out the box art and also Ed Boon's Tweet below.

MK Legends Battle of the Realms Box Art

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Re: MK Legends Battle of the Realms Box Art & Release Date

Post by Gambid »

Looks nice, I hope there is a steel case edition of this one too.
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