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MK11 Ultimate - Kronika Secret Opponent Interactions

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MK11 Ultimate - Kronika Secret Opponent Interactions

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<!--Tags: mk11--> The YouTuber Mr. Alucard has uploaded a new video, showcasing secret unique interactions in Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate with Kronika. Those interaction lines come right after Kronika beats the opponent and right before the announcer goes to the Finish Him portion of the fight. As you can see, Mr. Alucard showcases the interactions between Kronika and the entirety of the playable roster of MK11U, and he clearly made sure that the Prehistoric Age Hourglass stage Dinosaur will be an integral part of the video. It should be noted though that Kronika doesn't have any secret and unique dialogue with Mileena, Rain, Joker and Rambo.

Here's the video below, enjoy.

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