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How to rip the @#$ MK2 fatality music

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How to rip the @#$ MK2 fatality music

Post by mutskerd »

Hi all, just signed up.

I've been trying to get ONE particular sound from MKII, was wondering if I could get some help?

After you kill someone with a fatality in MKII, you get the dumDumDum....*pause*...
I'm after that last note, the one that drops in pitch. (the glissando)

I can't simply record it, because the "fatality" text always drips blood at the same time and so you get blood splatter SFX over the top.
I can't extract it, because I can't find a suitable extractor for MK2!

I've tried everything. Please help! I don't care if it's the PC version or the arcade, they're both the same sound.

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Re: How to rip the @#$ MK2 fatality music

Post by Noob Cyborg »

use wav mp3 converter
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