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MK2 Kitana

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MK2 Kitana

Post by man of questions »

Guys and Girls, not sure how often y'all check out these forums but I need some serious help and I'm reaching out to you all in hopes that someone out in the world knows what the heck I'm talking about. You see, I don't think I'm crazy and have performed one of Kitana's secret moves ; the Teleport kick (or punch, can't really tell) so please help me out I know I'm not seeing things, and i would really love to show my opponents this new move. Thats for listening, Seeking answers...

Man of Questions

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Re: MK2 Kitana

Post by Gambid »

In Mortal Kombat II Kitana only has her Flying/Teleport Punch:

Flying Punch: F, D, B, HP
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