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 Post Posted: Sun Jun 06, 2004 4:47 pm 
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i was looking at the cheat section and it says like
Enter the 012 012 Kombat code in versus mode.

How do i enter a kombat code?

also i downloaded the mk4 patch (not the enhanced 1) and it said something about a cheat menu??

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 Post Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2004 11:04 pm 
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I've never played mk4 so I won't know search for information.

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 Post Posted: Sat Jun 26, 2004 3:01 am 
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Play a one on one game and when the VS screen appears use LP, BL and LK buttons of the both 1-st and 2-nd player to rotate the symbols. The nuber shows how much time you have to pres the button.

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 Post Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 8:50 am 
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Actually You Can Play As Noob Without The Kombat Code.But If You Are Asking About How To Enter A Kombat Code,Here,I Will Give You A Demonstration:
LP BK LK - 1 player presses BK 1 time and LK two times.2 plauer also presses repeats.
The Result in VS screen is:012-012,it is represented by a's the key code that is used in both mk3,umk3,mkt and mk4:
2=Yin Yang
4=Question Mark
5=Lighting Bolt
8=Shao Kahn

So You will get the sign like this:
Dragon,MK,Yin Yang-Dragon,MK,Yin Yang

or maybe they could have even changed the key.i will check it.but try the kombat codes.i tried the toughest code of all:the all weapons code.i have to press LP,BK,LK 6 times and for both players.i tried many times but it couldn't work because the time was up.even when my sister helped me out,i couldn't enter the code.but after almost 32 times of trying,the code was correct,and i got all weapons.but the worst thing was that this worked only this time,and the characters were Kai And Reptile.but,it worked.i tried this last year,In the middle(6th month).now i don't play using kombat codes i'm more interested on mk4 projects using mk4-strip.i already created 5 games with it.the latest project is mk4-movie style,which i started yesterday.currently changed are scorpion and reptile.oh,i almost forgot this is off-topic.ok,sorry,but i wanted everybody to know about this.

and as for the cheat menu it is the normal one in mk4.go to practice mode,press&hold BK+LK for 10 secs,then hear jarek's laugh.then wait another 10 secs.a cheat menu will pop the mk4 patch,this 20 second wait is skipped and you can access the cheat menu directly.these options you can enable in the cheat menu:
Endings - Complete Arcade Mode after finishing the first fight(no matter what level,for example novice,master I,master II,.etc).
Fatality I - Instant Fatality 1.
Fatality II - Instant Fatality 2.
Stage Fatality - Instant Stage Fatality(the prison stage fatality,the lair stage fatality,.etc)
For Instant Fatalities just do an uppercut away from the opponent when the "FINISH HIM\HER" is announced.

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