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 Post subject: New Characters!!
 Post Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 7:54 am 
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Hi There

Seeing that Netherrealm Studios is going to release a Kombo Pack 2 pretty soon, which characters in this list do you like? Or feel should be added to the MK: Universe?

Alien Xenomorph (Xenomorph, Alien Queen & Predator Alien)
Anubis (1994 Stargate Movie)
Bruce Lee (Even though Lui Kang sort of resembles him) (His versions should include Enter the Dragon, Game of Death & Dragon The Bruce Lee Story Version)
Christopher Lee - (Dracula)
Chuck Norris - (Military version, Walker Texas Ranger Version and his Martial Arts Version).
Cleric (From Equilibrium)
Conan (Arnold Schwarzenegger version)
Darth Vader (Empire Strikes Back Version)
Han Solo (Star Wars)
He-Man (Adam, Normal He-Man & He-Man with his silver armour including the axe and the shield)
Hordak (Normal Hordak, Black and grey version of Hordak & Hordak in Horde Trooper Commander Armor)
Horus (1994 Stargate Movie)
Indiana Jones (Original 3 Movie Versions)
Jackie Chan
James Bond (Sean Connery Version)
Jean-Claude Van Damme
John Maclane (Die Hard 1 Version)
Judge Dredd
King Leonidas (From 300)
Lara Croft (Tom Raider Franchise)
Michael Myers (Original Versions)
Mr. T (The A-Team version)
Mad Max (Road Warrior Version)
Lion-O (Young Lion-O, Normal Lion-O & Battle Armour Lion-O from the 2011 cartoon)
Mumm-Ra (Wahankh version before transforming into Mumm-Ra, Normal Mumm-Ra & Red version of Lion-O which in actual fact is also Mumm-Ra. [Red version comes from the 1985 Thundercats episode fond memories])
Neo and Agent Smith (From The Matrix Trilogy)
Rambo (First Blood Part 2 Version)
Robocop (Old and new Version)
Sauron (The Hobbit)
Six Million Dollar Man
She-Ra (Adora, Normal She-Ra & She-Ra Armour version)
Skeletor (Keldor version of Skeletor, Normal Skeletor & Battle armour Skeletor)
Teal'c from Stargate SG-1
The Terminator (Variations should include - T-800, T-1000 & T-X)
Trapjaw (He-Man and The Masters of The Universe)
Universal Soldier (GR-13)


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 Post subject: Re: New Characters!!
 Post Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2015 12:12 am 
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I'm afraid the only 4 characters that might have a chance, since a guest character must have an extreme violance nature for it in order to fit the nature of violance in MK, are Micheal Myers, Terminator, Mad Max and Jean-Claude Van Damme (and the last one is only because of the origin of creating MK1). Since we have only movie characters, I would also add Alien as a 5th option, the Alien does seem very fit to MK. We can also add Spwan here.

On the other hand I don't think NRS' are gonna add any guest characters to MKX, they need to get the license first and only then add the character, and i'ts gonna take time and money. I think that right now only Spawn has a chance to appear in MKX, as NRS already have the license for him.

No matter the form, Reptile is always awesome

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