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 Post subject: Re: THE NEXT MK GAME SHOULD HAVE...
 Post Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2013 7:34 pm 
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You know, I've been thinking what we could have on this next game.

I see that there are lots of people who dislike MK4, on the other hand I love it. But there's something I really don't wanna see...

Do you remember the stages? Well, MK4 started with the stages with little sense without proper explanation. Ok, we were really lost in MKII and all those colored stages with creatures and other features, but you knew you were in outworld. And MK and MK3 had total sense with the stages.

MK4 had many stages but my question was: what is the connection between the stages and the story?

We all know that Wind World, Shaolin Temple, Ice Pit and Goro's Lair are located on Earthrealm; The Prision and Fire Well are located on the Netherrealm; Living Forest, Reptile's Lair and The Tomb are located in Outworld.

But if you were a defender of Earth during an invasion of the Netherrealm, what are you doing on many of these locations? I mean, imagine you had to go to Earth to fight Goro on Shang Tsung's island and then go to the Netherrealm fight Shinnok, but through all of this you must go to Outworld.

I hope they connect the story, that's similar to MKM:SZ, and show a coherent pathway of the protagonists. If Sub-Zero come back, we could imagine a quest of him on the same trail of his Elder brother to find the ammulet (unknowing it is with Quan Chi). With this he could start from the Ice Pit, going to the Shaolin Temple, then Wind World.

Any of them could enter the Prision of Souls to find Shinnok, and reach the Fire Well.

But do you see how Outworld and Goro's Lair are apart of the situation? It is like MK3 but now beasts coming from Hell, I really cannot see Liu Kang (on the original timeline) saying "well, let's just get out of the living forest, go to Shang Tsung's island, defeat Goro AGAIN and then go have a 'sunbath' on the Netherrealm and...woah! Shinnok!".

Something like we saw on MK9, connected (even with features of MK:SM, that is 90% non cannon :lol: ), would be good!


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 Post subject: Re: THE NEXT MK GAME SHOULD HAVE...
 Post Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:27 pm 
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Since the MK4 did not a new MK. Someday a person who really self-respecting fan could continue the saga of the real mortal kombat and the energy of the Arcade, MK5 without losing gameplay that still had in UMK3 (fastest of all) and MK4, which had the great run button. Who knew and played UMK3 and MK4 know dishonesty that were to later games titled as Mortal Kombat, but actually is another game, with the loss of gameplay and of the many fans who still dream of a decent continuation.

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