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 Post subject: The worst characters in MKXL! My list and yours.
 Post Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 9:00 pm 
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Hello there. I have a nice little topic I want to share with you. I'm wondering what are your worst characters in the MKX game. This can be for a few factors. Story wise, Gameplay wise, or design wise. I'll share my few worst characters in MKX, and you can reply with yours. Be forewarned, these are all OPINIONS. Do not bash me or anybody else for their entries. This is all opinion driven. Now let's do this.

For me, there are a few characters in MKX, that I despise, whether it be their entire character, or just how they play. I may like the character as a character yet the gameplay or story mode portrayal was bad. Without said here it is.

5. Quan Chi:
This is because of his portrayal in Story mode. Quan Chi is a cool character. In MK9 he was such a factory for spicy memes, yet he has lost his memey charm or his badassery in the story mode of MKX. He's enjoyable in the Gameplay factor, and his design is badass. Yet he is a little fuckin' choir boy in the story mode. Gettin' beat up by everyone. So yeah

4: Kano:
Kano's a cool character. The intro dialogues are funny with him, and he is one of the coolest Legacy characters. However, in Story Mode, he's underwhelming. He's one of the toughest and coolest villains in all of Mortal Kombat. Gameplay wise, I hate him because he is a spammy character to me. That overhead cannonball is annoying as fuck and it's constantly used. Along with some of his parries in the Commando Variation. But I don't hate him as a character.

3: Alien:
I love the idea of a Tarkatan Xenomorph. It moves so beautifully and they really made it work. However, the design for the TarkatAlien was a bit underwhelming. When I think of previous Xenomorph forms, most of them were very tall. About 8-9 feet. They're usually taller than the Yautja. However, the Alien in the game is way too short. And there aren't enough spikes and claws. If they could have made the Alien taller, with more spikes, and a bit more physically imposing, then it would look a hell of alot better. But props to Ed, for making AVP work in Mortal Kombat.

2: Leatherface:
I hate Leatherface's mere existence in this game. He just....doesn't fit. He's nothing special just a normal dude who's a little bit tall. I know they had to go with a Slasher villain but there could have been a better option. To me Leatherface is a boring, wasted character slot.

And Number 1: Kung Jin.
Hold your pitchforks. Alot of people like him, yet....he is a character I absolutely despise. The writing for him was god awful in my opinion, how he joined the Shaolin, a place for open minded, intelligent, and polite monks, yet a rude, annoying, egotistical shithead like him was A-ok. I have no Idea what Raiden saw in him, because he's selfish, stupid at times, willing to get almost the whole team of Kombat Kids killed because of a fucking bread thief, and his voice is just down right annoying. I hate him, in all aspects. He looks dumb, they could have done an archer character a hell of a lot better. He falls in to the bad character stew like Meat, Mokap, and some of the other 3d era fighters.

So what do you guys think are the worst characters in MKX. They don't neccessarily have to even be playable, they have to atleast make some sort of appearance in the game.

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