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 Post subject: No MKII in the European Version
 Post Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:27 am 
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Hello, my friends of Mortal Kombat.
I am Stefan from Bavaria, i am 34, and i play MK since the first part came out on the NES.
Ok, i musn´t tell you, that it do suck, that we in Germany become only the censored Version of the Shaolin Monks (where at the Fatalitys the screen became black). Now after this event i dared myself and ordered an "uncut" version of this game, because in all, YES IN ALL FORUMS AND BLOGS there is to read about this MK 2 you do unlock after the Smoke Mission.
OK, now here is the socalled "glitch" wich is no real glitch in my eyes, it is more a joke on the cost of an mature player of such games.
After i finished the Smoke Missions, MK2 WASN´T unlocked, a lot of Phone Calls to Midway London were neccessary to find finally out, that the MK2 do only unlock in the US Versions of the Game.

Wow, Midway, great Job, indeed! I would fire my whole personal, if they do pose with informations who do turn out as a lie at least.

There were so much articles about this MK2 in the Shaolin Monk, i bought it because of the MK2 and all i became was a lie.

Sad, that Midway choose such Promotion for their stuff.

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 Post subject: Re: wickedst "glitch" ever....
 Post Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:22 am 
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yeah in ps2 pal mksm you get 50 000 exp after finishing smoke's missions while in the ntsc version of the game you unlock mortal kombat 2. the ntsc version of the game also features two bonus trailers for two midway games and demo for another, but it has missing ermac's story fatality, which is avaible only in pal version of the game ;]

from another hand, the joker's fatality in mkdc was censored (darkened) in ntsc version of xbox360 versions of the game and uncensored in pal. there are other differences between ntsc and pal in almost all mk games, its just the way developers work.

what you can do is free MC Boot your ps2 (if its old model) or use a modchip where you can play both ntsc and pal.

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