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 Post subject: Easy ways to get offline achievements
 Post Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:31 pm 
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Undertaker and the Krypt Keeper: Beat Story Mode, you'll get at least over 100,000-300,000 Koins. I can't really remember how much you get. Once you beat Story mode, empty your wallet at the Krypt. Once your empty or don't have enough to buy anything else, go into Options, and set the rounds to 3. Then go into Arcade Mode, put it on Beginner, and get as many Flawless Victories as possible. If you get 3 Flawless Victories, plus a Fatality (or Babality), you will get 3,250 Koins. 1,000 for each Flawless Victory, and 250 for the Fatality (or Babality). There are challenges in the Challenge Tower that is only for giving you Koins. Their are also 4 hidden chests in the Krypt where they give you 5,000 Koins each. To find them look in the Codes and Secrets section on this site

Best...Alternate...Ever: To get this you have to complete all the challenges in the Challenge Tower. But the easiest way to get the achievement is to skip the challenges, although the last one is pretty expensive to skip. Just keep losing on #300, and eventually it will become very easy.

Luck Be a Lady: You have to get all gold MK Dragons on Test Your Luck. Start the match with any character of your choice, and then see what you get on the slots. If you don't get all MK Dragons, just go to Character Select, and redo it without even fighting him/her. Just keep repeating that process, until you get the achievement.

Ultimate Humiliation: This is where you perform every characters Babality, excluding DLC characters. Just find the link on this site on where it is or go to a different site to find them. Start with Scorpion and after you do a Babality with him, go to Character Select, choose the character next to him, and keep repeating the process until you get to Shang Tsung. Once you do a Babality on him, quit Arcade Ladder, and redo it. If you're not sure which characters you've done Babalities with, select a character, and look in their moves list to see if their Babality is unlocked or not. Do the same with the achievements: e-X-cellent and the Grappler.

I "Might" be the Strongest: This is the link to the forum that I made specifically for Test Your Might challenges- viewtopic.php?f=34&t=5283

Ladder Master: Beating Arcade on Max without a continue. I barely did it, and it was mostly luck than skill. All is can say is look up good combos on Youtube, make sure they're not for the demo, and practice them until you're good enough with a character to beat Expert mode. Good videos to look for are made by Hoodfresh, TylerLantern, Check4900, and Medina4Life has made a couple of tutorials as well. There's a combo forum on this site as well. The link to the forum is: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=4960&start=15

Pit Master, I Found You, Brotherhood of Shadow, and Hide and Seek: to complete all four of these achievements go to the Kodes and Secrets section of MK9 or go to this link: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=5293

My Kung Fu is Strong and My Kung Fu is Stronger: I made a forum about this and here's the link:

Block This!: Do Sonya's X-ray. You can do that in tutorial mode so after you beat tutorial mode, you'll get 2 achievements.

Tower Master: Can't give you a lot of advice on this one. Do your best, look at some of links I've provided in this guide, and this link will give you advice on a couple of them:

What Does This Button Do??: You're not allowed to block on this one. However X-rays and Enhanced specials are OK. And since you're allowed to continue it's not too hard as long as you put it on Beginner.

Arcade Champion: put it on Beginner. Then just start from Scorpion and your work your way down going left to right. Make sure you do both of the fighters forward and backward throws, their X-Ray, plus their Fatalities in a match. Make sure you perfom a Stage Fatality, a Babality, and their hidden fatality Here's the link on where you can find them: ... entID=4796

You Got Style!: All of their alternate costumes, except Cyber Sub-Zero and the DLC characters, are in the Krypt. You know you got the Alternate Costume when it tells you to go to Nekropolis to claim your reward, or something like that. In the Kodes and Secrets section on this site it tells you what's in the Krypt, and the Alt Costumes are in bold. Here's the link to it: ... entID=4836

Kold Fusion: Beat Chapter 13 of Story Mode to unlock Cyber Sub-Zero

Quan-Tease and Back in Time...: Beat Story Mode to unlock Quan Chi.

Robots Rule: Put it on Beginner in Arcade Tag Mode, and pick Sektor and Cyrax.

Fatality!: exactly what it says. Perform a fatality.

Finish Him?: Go online to find their hidden fatalities and then perform their 2nd fatality or Stage fatality. Either one should work.

Where's the Arcade: put it on Beginner and beat Arcade Ladder.

Complet-ality: Perform a Fatality, a Stage Fatality, and a Babality.

There Will Be Blood: Remember, even the biggest damaging combos, might not give you as much blood as a simpler combo. Just keep beating Arcade Ladder, until you spill a total 10,000 pints of blood. Besides spilling 10,000 pints of blood is part of the requirements on how to get the My Kung Fu is Strong achievement.

Dim Mak!: just make sure that when you're in the space to break it, keep the line is that space until it turns green. It might take a couple of seconds, since Test Your Strike is different then Test Your Might.

License to Kill: Be Scorpion in fatality tutorial. His 1'st fatality is the easiest to do.

These Aren't my Glasses!: Make sure you don't blink and don't look away. The higher you get in the challenge tower the harder and faster it gets.

Halfway There: Complete 50% of Story Mode which would mean you would complete Chapter 8.

A for Effort: Do exactly what it says. Complete tutorial mode. You do have to fight with Cage, and just remember that his X-ray is different than the others because you have to wait until they attack you.

Tower Apprentice: just complete the first 25 challenges. Remember though: skipping them won't count. Although they are easy so it doesn't matter.

And that's the guide to beating all the offline achievements. I hope this helps.


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