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 Post subject: Traditional MK layOut Crashes MK9 Online
 Post Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 2:55 am 
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Hello Ok I ben trying to get in Contact ED Boon about this Problem and NetherRealms its ben1 week and still no Reply i will post a Video later on about this Issue I like Playing with the Old School UMk3 Controller Layout

Hello Mr.Boon i ben a Fan since the Mid 90s and a big gamer since the 80s iam Currently Having Problems with thePS3 and Xbox360 Mortal Kombat9 i have both systems Bassicly wht i do is set my own Button Configuration in this Settings on the Controller Settings theN Saved it
it seems iam Not the Only Gamer with this Problem I Have ben told by other Gamers tht I play tht they are Having the Same Problem on both systems as well
For Ps3
Front Punch (X)
Back Punch (Square)
Front Kick (Triangle)
Back Kick (Circle)
Throw (R1)
Tag (L1)
Block (R2)
Flip Stance(L2)

For Xbox360
Front Punch (A)
Back Punch (X)
Front KIck (Y)
Back Kick (B)
Throw (RB)
Block (RT)
Flip Stance (LT)

Now Wht Happens is tht When i Play online and only online When i pick a character as Kunglaou or Johhny Cage or a fast Character as Smoke or any other Character this Happens When I do some really fast Combos as for example on the Ps3
Square and X back and forward really fast to start there combos

Now the 360 is the Same I press X and A back and Forward Really fast

Now wht this Doe son the Second Round when iam Pulling this Combos tht Fast the Game Freezes or Dezinchranizes in the Middle of the Second Round at any Time or when iam in King of the Hill ill boot me out or me and all the Players on King of the Hill

Now can U Please Fix this Problem Like Make a Patch for this
to Fix this Issue

Now i can send u a Video as Proof tht this issue is Going on if u Like

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 Post subject: Re: Traditional MK layOut Crashes MK9 Online
 Post Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 1:55 am 
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This does not belong in the General Discussions category.

I don't think that Ed Boon himself provides customer support for any game. Try contacting Warner Bros/NetherRealm Studios official support instead.

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