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 Post subject: How to get the "My Kung Fu is Strong" achievement easy?
 Post Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2020 4:33 am 
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You're probably wondering what it means to "gain mastery of a fighter". Well, if you go into the Nekropolis, select a fighter, their will be a status section. It will have the following: Victories (how many matches you've won), Finished (how many people you've preformed a Fatality on; Babalities count as well), Internal Damage (how many X-rays you've preformed), Blood Spilled (how many pints of blood an opponent has lost), Devotion (how long you've played as that character). You need to do the following in order to get this achievement:
Victories: Win 100 matches
Finished: Perform 100 'alities
Internal Damage: perform 150 X-rays
Blood Spilled: Make the opponent lose 10,000 pints of blood
Devotion: play that character for a total of 24 hours.
Now the first four are easy to get, it's Devotion that's the hardest. Story mode doesn't count by the way. Now an easy to get the Devotion part is to go into practice mode, hit the opponent, than find a way to make the character constantly move. I got a rubber band, put it around the joystick on my controller, I then found a small box, and put the rubber band around that. The joystick will be pulled and since it's around a box or an item that you can hook it around securely, the character will constantly move backward or forward. And since it will stay like that, leave the system and do something else for a few hours. Maybe 6 or 7.
Then come back to it, hit the opponent, and quit practice mode. Give your system a break so it cools down, then repeat the process. Maybe an hour or so. Don't leave it on for 24 hours or you will burn your video card, and then you'll have to replace it. You do that about twice a day and you'll have finished Devotion in two days. Then get the other four and you'll have the "My Kung Fu is Strong" achievement.
To get the "My Kung Fu is Stronger" achievement, do that with every fighter. When you go into practice mode though for Devotion, make it a tag match. You'll have this achievement in half the time. DLC characters don't count for this achievement so you don't have to worry about them. Quan Chi and Cyber Sub-Zero count for this achievement though so you have to do it with them.

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