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 Post subject: MK9 Strategies: The Basics?
 Post Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2020 4:19 am 
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Just doing this before I continue with more characters.
This guide will cover basics and simple taktiks, and you'll be surprised at how many people never use these and decide to rush out with all specials.

The first simple thing to learn is the attacks. It works like a tekken system in where the buttons control the corresponding limbs of the character. Front punch, back punch, front kick and back kick. Something useful that no one really uses is the flip stance. LT or L2 on whatever console, and this swaps range. Other than not, front punch reaches farther than back punch and vice versa when flip stances, so that your character can just reach that last bit. There may be more uses to the flip stances, but I still yet to find them.

This move is common, very common. SO popular as well, I present the sweep. Defeats high blockers and yet very effective. Can sometimes dodge some high attacks as the character turns, then trips them up. Just watch out when they're blocked, as it involves mostly in a nasty counter-attack. Also, be weary that your opponent's going to often use them so block high, block low and dodge right, to avoid that blow....You get my point. Sweeps aren't very common in kombos, but you can use them as an enemy falls down if you don't feel like uppercutting.
Another thing with sweeps is that foes will try to predict your attacks, so if an opponent is approaching you, then they'll probably expect an uppercut or somewhat. Crouch low, and when your enemy approacheth; peform a sweep instead of an uppecut (can be done crouching, if you can't pull it off then quickly stand and sweep), most often than not the opponent will block high and this can lead to their mistake. Also, any other low attacks work as well but of course sweeps peform good damage. This isn't a guaranteed taktik, but it's effective and unexpected.

Here's another good simple attack: the uppercut. Yep, I hear those cheers and queers for this lovely move. Don't hate on the spammers that use this, just utilise it like a machine gun. This makes an awesome counter-attack for any attack; especially opponents that love to jump in on you, or those annoying types that love teleporting or ramming at you (yes Noob, Kung Lao and Raiden, I'm looking at you)for jokes. A simple block and a swift punch to the chin normally makes the veterans think twice. All this move takes is D+Y or D+Triangle, and it takes a meaty piece off your opponent. If you're panicking after blocking an opponent's attack and can't think of any kombos, then use an uppercut for your worries and back away; waiting for them to attack. Yes my friends, never forget your damn strong hand, and always use it against all odds. Just remember though, it has a slow recovery so if you miss; well sucks to be you. Always make sure you know you're gonna hit and be precise about it. Also, don't intend to get into uppercut battles as if one misses, then of course one sees stars. So be careful, and always use them at the most advantageous time.

Now, I'm going to explain kombos. Kombos are good, fast, and can be fluent. These are a main ingredient of making a whoop-ass recipe to give a world of pain to your enemies. If you have favourite characters, then you'll be reciting their kombos. Of course, the move list gives all their basic kombos, but don't forget that you can link them together with specials into other kombos and so on, which means you could get a high percentage of damage if you've mustered the right amount of skill and practice to devise an awesome kombo. Of course, there are special stuff to know about kombos.
When using a special, you can rarely use a special more than once without it knocking the opponent back. This is why it's good to corner your opponents and peform korner kombos which are normally more effective and allow for a much larger selection. Also, pop-up attacks are incredibly useful in corners. However, you should also note that enhanced specials can also be the main core of a good kombo, so don't be stingy with your meter and see what you can do to get a lovely kombo going on. Here's an important thing as well; I wouldn't suggest using X-Rays in kombos unless you're doing a small kombo and just want to make sure the opponent can't block it. X-Rays in kombos aren't all more damaging, as they either increase the damage by a bit, reduce it or do x-ray damage. But in some cases, it can be useful. Though sometimes it might be wiser to use enhanced specials.
Remember that kombos works like a sort of automated system. In other words, don't keep mashing buttons or it won't work. Just press whatever button required once, and remember specific timing. Here's an example:
Reptile: FP FP BP, then just before the kombo finishes; press BB FK, and BB FP. This all works out like a machine just being set to auto. If y'know what I mean.

The TUTORIAL: Make sure to play it, no matter how good you are. Simply because you may learn something new and of course it'll explain the specials as well earn yourself the Achievement: 'A For Effort'.

Specials: Though these are simple, just remember that always use each one for different situations. They can be really useful in various moments, but remember that a lot are vulnerable if blocked. Be cautious when using them. Here's some examples of they should be used.
Noob Saibot: Teleport Thing: Use it when opponent's attempting a special or are in the air. Also, jumping and peforming this move can sometimes trick your enemies.
Raiden: Superfly: This "Whyyoustupidpaggiiiii" move is useful as a powerful move in kombos and as an anti-air move. Can be done in air.
Sektor: Tel-punch: Think of this as the same examples as Noob's.
So you get the jist, and it's simple at that but nevertheless effective.

Breakers: Now I've seen a lot of people underestimate and misuse these. These are life-savers and can help you in the most perilous moments. Don't be stingy with your meter, for say if some veteran is powning your ass with a large kombo, then it'd be the perfect time to break open and gain a small advantage. NEVER FORGET YOUR BREAKERS! AN MK MASTER RULE!!

Finally for this section, a guide to online. A guide to telling the difference between Veterans and Noobs (not the character, capiche?).
Never underestimate your opponent, no matter what category they fall in. But the differences are simple. Noobs always tend to be easy to study and either love to spam with attacks or peform the same kombos and moves over and over again. Now not that there's anything wrong with doing stuff like that (anything is allowed as long as you win) but you're easy to study. If you're fighting a noob or any other, then study what they tend to do and counter-attack. Also, Noobs tend to always send evil hate messages and scream down the mic, as well as disconnecting from the match. Ouch, evil. But of course, you can walk away knowing victory was sweet.
Veterans are different, as these tend to be players with experience and have fun with winning or losing. Also, they don't tend to get angry as much and if they're decent, then they respect their loss (or yours) and take it like a man (or woman), so just remember to give the same respect. However, always be the bigger man if you do get hated at and just ignore. You do also get cocky veterans who think they're awesome. This is your advantage, as you can exploit that and come in with different taktiks, opening their weaknesses and powning veteran ass. Don't forget that most veterans tend to study you and are quite difficult. Answer? Be unexpected, be veteran material and show them who's king.

Masters: These are the top of the tier and use every taktik possible. They will go simple, complex and don't have specific characters if they're all-round. Watch out for these, as they're most likely to have a high reputation and a scary one at that.

Don't forget, anyone can win and you're no different. Whether you're a good noob, average-joe, veteran or bad ones; you can beat anyone. If you see anyone with a high ratio; don't fear, as you have an equal chance of winning. Follow the basics and taktiks and you'll be fine, and don't forget that practise makes perfect. Good luck!
-The Reptile.

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