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 Post subject: Discuss
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 4:23 pm 
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Been thinking about how Armageddon can end and what the next generation could be like. So in my spare time, I've been making up my own MK8 storyline. My vision of the next generation.
I won't give away the cast roster yet, but I will say it consists of 15 returning characters, 10 new characters, and 5 hidden characters.
Important note: I'm ignoring what we've seen so far with Armageddon's endings and the intro.

So with that...I'll start with the main plot:

Part I
"The Legend of Nyx"

"Legend speaks of an ancient sorcerer.
"His name was Nyx. They say he was the greatest sorcerer that had ever lived. That his power rivaled even the gods themselves. They say the only thing that matched his great power was his cruelty. It's said the atrocities Nyx committed put that of even Shao Kahn to shame. To this day no one knows from where he came from nor why. Whether for revenge or power or just to satisfy his own one knows why he devoted himself to darkness.
"Nyx used his great power to create a living weapon that would serve as his engine of destruction. Into this creature, he poured his cruelty and need to bring pain and suffering. A creature created only for death and destruction. He named this weapon Thanatos. Nyx traveled the realms with the Thanatos...leaving only death and suffering in his wake.
"Nyx's reign of terror did not end until he came across a realm that's name has long been forgotten. Here he would finally meet his end. But before he succumbed to death, Nyx transferred all his power...all his knowledge of sorcery...into his personal sword, the Death Dealer, and locked it away in a temple guarded by the Thanatos itself.
"Fearing what could happen should his power be discovered or the Thanatos be awakened, the temple was buried deep underground and all records of its whereabouts hidden. The power of Nyx and his Thanatos has since remained hidden and passed into legend...all but forgotten.
"Until now..."

-the words of Havik

Part II

"It had gone too far.
"The rules of Mortal Kombat had been completely disregarded. Portals between realms were breached. Armies were emerging everywhere...each with it's own ambition for domination. The gates between the living realms and the afterlife were broken. The realms were teetering on the brink of oblivion. War was everywhere.
"Armageddon was upon us.
"Amidst the chaos and destruction, the Elemental Blaze emerged to act as judge, jury, and executioner. His judgment was swift and cruel. All...whether good or evil....were deemed a threat and needed to be exterminated for the good of Reality. His fire would lay waste to all...and the Elder Gods would allow it to happen.
"Many fell. Much was lost and laid to ruin. But thanks to the efforts of a few, Blaze's rampage was stopped before his fire could consume everything and everyone. But the damage had been done and the Elder Gods made their final decision. Some were shown mercy. Some were not. In the end, the Elder Gods sought to ensure the realms would never again come so close to destruction.
"In the passing years since, the realms have existed in relative peace. All that is left now is the survivors to pick up the pieces and try to rebuild. All we can hope for now is that the chaos never again gets as bad. That another Armageddon will never have to happen.
"But I fear the battles shall soon start again..."



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 Post subject: Re: Discuss
 Post Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2019 9:06 am 
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It is a Great (also needs a capital G) game! I have had this game sine I was seven years old and have loved it ever since. I love the variety of characters and the mystery of opening a booster pack. It would be nice though, if you brought back the Most Wanted pack for credits though, and make a variety of packs besides the bronze, silver, gold, previous challenge booster, and Nth Metal packs. Overall, the game is great and I love it!

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