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by Gambid on May 19, 2003 :: 0

Mortal Kombat Secrets is now one of the Master sites of Mortal Kombat Alliance Network. Our site is member of the network since August 2002. After we changed the layout and the information, the Alliance Grandmasters decided to promote Mortal Kombat Secrets to Master Site. Here are the words of Total-MK in the promotion topic:

"MK Secrets updated to Master site!

MK secrets the site run by Gambid, has been updated to master alliance site. MK Secrets has a lot of cool information, and the new layout will blow you away. check out MK Secrets now -

Regards - The MKA Team."

E3 Final Update

by Gambid on May 18, 2003 :: 0

MK5.Org posted their final update, based on this years E3. Part of the update are also 16 gameplay movies from Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition. The game has now a new release date - November 2003. Here are the direct links, if you want to download these movies:

Here is the picture of the front side of Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition box.

- Scorpion VS Quan Chi
- Sarenna VS Quan Chi
- The Krypt
- Main Menu
- Select Screen
- Intro Screen
- Options Screen
- Practice Mode
- Survival Mode
- Tag Team Mode (Single Player)
- Tag Team Mode (Multiplayer)
- Tournament Mode
- Tournament Mode Winning Screen
- Reptile's Bio
- Sareena's Bio
- The Ending Credits

Mortal Kombat Secrets Version 3

by Gambid on May 16, 2003 :: 0

We are back. Welcome to Version 3 of Mortal Kombat Secrets. We decided to change the look of the site and that is what we got for you now. Version 3 looks really cool and has a lot of new features and stuff. Here you can see a list of the new things:

* Submit News, Links and Polls forms
* New Message Board
* MK: DA section is now finished
* MK: TE section
* We added a bug section for each game
* The Emulation section is finally ready
* Completely new screenshots and pictures for each game and movie
* Old site versions section
* New information, much more cheats and kodes for each game

That's all for now. Enjoy our site.

E3 2003 - First Impressions

by Gambid on May 15, 2003 :: 0

MK5.Org published their first impressions from Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition. The Staff of this site had the chance to play the game for a little while. Here are the two most important things from their article.

1. Two of the new secret characters will probably be Sektor and Noob Saibot
2. There will probably be a Weapon Fatalities in the game

Daniel Bernhard Pics

by Gambid on May 14, 2003 :: 0

A month ago we inform you about one of the new roles of Daniel Bernhard (Siro in Mortal Kombat Conquest). We inform you about his role in the sequel of "The Matrix" - "The Matrix Reloaded". He plays as one of the agents inside the Matrix. His mission is to stop Neo at all cost. Unfortunately he is not one of the main characters. Here we have a few pictures of him.

Mortal Kombat Secrets will continue to inform you about the new roles of all Mortal Kombat stars.

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