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Forums Style Change
by Gambid on Jul 25, 2003 :: 11 Comments

It is finally here. Today we created a skin for our forums. The old blue skin is no more. Now the forums look really great. Hope you will enjoy them.

Pleace tell us what you think about the new skin.


Site Update
by Gambid on Jul 23, 2003 :: 22 Comments

A new download subsection is now up. It's name is UT 2003 skins. There you will find 6 skins of the most famous Mortal Kombat characters for Unreal Tournament 2003. The skins are created by our visitor veselaki. If you want to learn more or to download the skins click here.

by Gambid on Jul 12, 2003 :: 43 Comments is finally on-line. The only one thing that's up right now is the logo... Probably this site will become the main source of MK6 information.


PHP Message Board
by Gambid on Jul 9, 2003 :: 4 Comments

From this time upon Mortal Kombat Secrets has finally new php message board. It is still with its default skin, but we will fix this as soon as possible. We hope that you will enjoy this message board more than the old one.

To visit our new message board click here


MK: Deadly Alliance Sales Reach 2 Million!
by Gambid on Jul 9, 2003 :: 4 Comments

GameSpot and Midway announced that Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance has sold up to two million copies worldwide on all four platforms between its November 22nd, 2002 launch and July 8th, 2003.


Here are the links to the original articles:


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