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Mortal Kombat 11 PC & Switch Patch Notes - 07/22/2019
by Roy Arkon on Jul 23, 2019 :: 0 Comments

A new Mortal Kombat 11 patch for both the PC and Switch ports has been released. This patch includes bug fixes and quality of life changes. Here is the full notes list:


• Fixed an issue with facial animations not running in Intros and Kustomize section when playing the game in 60 FPS mode.

• Adjusted compression of Krypt files and particle packaging to improve performance.

• Fixed in issue of the infinite sound effect loop when summoning a Character Tower

• Fixed an issue with Audio being played in the background after minimizing.

• Fixed an issue with non-English characters not being displayed in the Kombat Kard

• Fixed an issue with inputs responsible for abilities being incorrectly displayed during the loading screens

• Fixed an issue with Player 2's RGB keyboard showing the LED colour scheme for Player 1's character in Online matches.

• Fixed an issue with RGB LED colour scheme not reflecting the usable keys in the shop.

• Fixed an issue with displayed prompts in variations not being reflected for the other players input device.

• Fixed an issue with usernames not being displayed in the Kombat Breakdown in Steam

• Fixed an issue with Shang Tsung’s welcome messages not displaying in the Krypt

• Fixed multiple minor issues with Mouse/Keyboard input

• Localization updates and fixes.


• Improved stability in Towers of Time and Klassic Towers.

• Improved stability in the Krypt.

• Fixed a crash when viewing replays following an online match.

• Fixed a crash when attempting to re-enter a tower after returning to character select.

• Fixed a lighting glitch during a specific Johnny Cage Fatality.

• Fixed several bugs related to stage interactables.

• Allow guest playing as Player 2 to use and modify Player 1’s custom variations.

• Certain skeleton key doors in the Krypt now give the proper rewards.

• In the Krypt, prevent some hanging bodies from respawning after they’ve been speared.

• Improved performance in the Koliseum Beast Pen stage.

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Comic BomBom Mortal Kombat the Movie Manga Scans
by Kori-Maru on Jul 22, 2019 :: 1 Comments

Mortal Kombat has always been an cultural gaming icon in the west and other countries with the exception of Japan as the series had a limited of games released in that region as the series have gotten more violent over the years. However, it didn't stop the series from producing rare merchandise overseas. In Japan, there was a monthly Japanese manga magazine published by Kodansha called Comic BomBom. that was aimed towards elementary children and featured tie-ins with game makers.


In a 1996 issue titled Summer Vacation Jumbo Special, there is a Mortal Kombat manga based on the 1995 movie by Paul W.S. Anderson as it takes iconic movie scenes in manga format. Take a look at the scans courtesy of nickkuh over on Twitter.






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Todd McFarlane Talks To IGN About Spawn In Mortal Kombat 11
by Roy Arkon on Jul 21, 2019 :: 0 Comments

Todd McFarlane has talked to IGN regarding Spawn's inclusion in Mortal Kombat 11. McFarlane talks about his talks with NetherRealm Studios about including Spawn in MK11 and what revolved around it, as well as the process of Spawn's design in the game which lead to new details regarding what fans of the character should expect from him.

Check out the video with McFarlane on IGN's YouTube channel right here. Enjoy:

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Ed Boon Teases With A Nightwolf Outro
by Roy Arkon on Jul 20, 2019 :: 0 Comments

Earlier this week, as we have reported, Ed Boon gave the first glimpse at Nightwolf's face in Mortal Kombat 11, not counting the first tease with Shang Tsung which we reported about last month. Now Boon has has Twitted this outro for Nightwolf in MK11, which is a direct reference to his winning animation from Mortal Kombat 3 and it's later iterations.

You can also check out this tease from Mitsuowens' YouTube channel, enjoy.

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A Secret Alternative Brutality For Cassie Cage In MK11
by Roy Arkon on Jul 19, 2019 :: 0 Comments

Even more secrets are revealed in Mortal Kombat 11, as the newest secret alternative Brutality has been discovered, this time for Cassie Cage and her Get Yo Ass Beat Brutality, in which instead of Cassie beating her opponent to death with fists, she stops the beating to pull off her gun and shoot in her opponent's head, causing it to explode.

Check out Dynasty's video to get the requirements for the alternative version of this Brutality for Cassie.

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