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IGN Unfiltered: An Ed Boon Interview
by Gambid on Feb 24, 2017 :: 1 Comments

IGN has released the latest episode of IGN Unfiltered, which features Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon.

From the episode you can learn details about how Ed Boon started his carrier at Williams, about his working relationship with John Tobias, his early projects, the origins of the Mortal Kombat series and its early years, the original Mortal Kombat movie, the departure of Tobias from Midway, the development of MK: Shaolin Monks, the jumping between of Mortal Kombat and Injustice, the migration of the team from Midway to Warner Bros. the origins of Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe and how it affected the current direction of NetherRealm Studios games, the idea of a crossover between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, the current meta of Fighting Games today in comparison to the Arcade days, what games he likes to play in his free time, and his future in the video game industry. If you are interested in all things behind the scenes, we can highly recommend this interview:

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Pop Culture Shock's New Goro Statue
by Roy Arkon on Feb 16, 2017 :: 4 Comments

Pop Culture Shock has a new Mortal Kombat statue, and it's an amazing looking one, this statue is of no other then the 4 armed prince of all Shokan, Goro.

This 1/3 statue is roughly 3 feet tall, the base of it lights up with LED, and Goro has actual fabric for clothing instead of plastic, and has actual hair, all making it as realistic as possible.

Although there is no exact date or price for it at this point, this information should come very soon.

If you're interested, be sure to pay close attention to PCST's site as this pre-order is not yet available there:

Below are several stills taken from their short video on Instagram as well as a photo that shows it's actual size while an artist inspects Goro up-close.

Goro 1

Goro 2

Goro 3

Goro 4

Goro 5

Goro 6

Credit for

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Update to The Secret Mileena Fight in The Day of Love Tower
by Roy Arkon on Feb 15, 2017 :: 4 Comments

As you migft know, the St. Valentine's Tower, named the Day of Love Tower, is now live in the Living Towers Section in Mortal Kombat XL. As you might remember there is a secret fight against Mileena in that Tower, and as it turns out, NetherRealm Studios have changed the requirements for that secret fight.

At first you needed to get to the 7th match in the Tower and get a Double Flawless without using any Finishing Move, but now you need to get just one Flawless but then also get either a Fatality or a Brutality.

Once you get to that fight though, it's extremely tough. You basically fight Piercing Mileena in a high difficulty level (regardless of the difficulty level that you set for the Tower) with a Teddy Bear modifier, which is basically like the Kabal Assist modifier which does move a lot slower, but also deals a lot more damage, 35% damage to be exact, and only Mileena has access to that modifier, so you're in a huge disadvantage. To make matters worse, the 7th match in the Tower is always set to take place at the Kove, and since the Teddy Bear is small and brown colored, it's not that easy to spot him. Of course you can get a rematch against Mileena by going for the Player Select option right before she beats you, but keep in mind that it will count as a loss for you overall score in the Tower.

Here is a video from my YouTube channel, showcasing me, after nearly 20 attempts, finally beat Mileena with my Noxious Reptile with the new requirements for it. Enjoy :mrgreen:

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Elder God Kenshi Early Access Pack for MKX Mobile
by Roy Arkon on Feb 3, 2017 :: 4 Comments

Yet another update for Mortal Kombat X Mobile, this time focusing on Kenshi, or to be more exact, Elder God Kenshi, who you can get the early access pack for today.

Personal opinion: Can this lead to something for Mortal Kombat 11's story? That might be very interesting.

Mortal Kombat X Mobile Elder God Kenshi Early Access Pack

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New Lunar Year Bonuses for Mortal Kombat X Mobile
by Roy Arkon on Jan 28, 2017 :: 0 Comments

NetherRealm Studios have announced on the Mortal Kombat Facebook Page that in celebration for the new Chinese Lunar year, every player will get double XP as well as a boost for both souls and koins, just for this weekend alone.

So take advantage of this opportunity and get as many goods as you can all the way to the moon.

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