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NRS' Respones Regarding MK11 Netcode Post-Patch
by Roy Arkon on Jun 8, 2019 :: 0 Comments

Ever since the latest patch for Mortal Kombat 11, several users have claimed they have lag and delay issues during online matches. NetherRealm Studios gave an update on the matter via Twitter and on Reddit, and here is their response:

Hello all,

We understand that there have been reports and concern regarding lag spikes after the recent patch, but, after a thorough check of our online functionality we have found that everything is running normally. However, during our check we did find that the disconnect icon appears far more than it actually should. This includes instances where it appears even in stable games, and we will work on resolving that soon. Due to our findings the Pro Kompetition’s Online NA East is still scheduled for this weekend June 8th.

Thank you.

So it appears that there is no issue at the moment, and it was just a big misconception from the players.

Author's opinion: I myself had 2 long online sessions last night, Israel time, against 2 different people, back-to-back, and not only there was no lag or delay during either session, but even the orange disconnect icon appeared only during the post-match option menu after each match was over, and surely not during the actual matches. I'm playing on PS4 and all of the matches were of course being played on weird connection. I think it's safe to assume that this further proves it is indeed just a misconception on the player's part, because even if it happened to a big group of people, that doesn't it can't come as a result of their own connection rather then the Netcode, especially if other players, like your's truly, hadn't any of those issues post-patch. So that's the case, perhaps.

How is your current online experience post-patch? Tell us in the comments.

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Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Kast 10 Shang Tsung
by Roy Arkon on Jun 6, 2019 :: 0 Comments

The first post-release Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Kast features the first DLC character for MK11, Shang Tsung. Here are all the highlights from the stream and the stream itself:

In this article we will add the most exciting highlights as new information is revealed.

Featured Characters:
- Shang Tsung

Gameplay Details
- Shang Tsung, as shown in his official trailer, can morph into all of the MK Ninjas that haven't made the cut to the MK11 roster. Each transformation is used as one of his available special moves that the player can choose for him as part of the Kustom Variation system, and each transformation uses a selected special move from that particular Ninja.
- Shang Tsung can use his klassic old-man skin that can be seen at the intro for the Krypt, and he also has a skin based on his appearance in the first Mortal Kombat Movie.
- The 2nd Variation used for Shang Tsung on stream (the one that uses the old-man skin) is one of Shang Tsung's official Tournament Variations.
- Shang Tsung can morph from and into his opponent during his intro and his Brutality winning animation, which also includes his winning pose from Mortal Kombat II.
- The gameplay shown on stream also includes one of Shang Tsung's Brutalities and his 2nd Fatality.
- The stream also includes a first look at the Klassic Ninja skin for Sub-Zero from the Klassic Arcade Ninja Pack.


Did we miss something? Tell us in the comments.

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Mortal Kombat 11 Shang Tsung & Kombat Pack Trailer
by Roy Arkon on Jun 1, 2019 :: 0 Comments

The official Mortal Kombat 11 trailer for Shang Tsung and the Kombat Pack is finally here. Shang Tsung, once again being voiced and portrayed by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, showing off his shape-shifting skills by morphing to all of the male MK Ninjas (Reptile, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Rain, Noob Saibot, Ermac and Ninja-Smoke) along with a very special Fatality that you might remember from Mortal Kombat II.

The trailer ends with an updated list of the content for the Kombat Pack, which includes the following:


• Nightwolf
• Sindel
• Spawn
• 2 more guest characters

Skins & Gear:

• Klassic Arcade Ninja Skin Pack for Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot.
• Skin And Gear with each DLC character and 19 Additional Skins.

Shang Tsung and the Klassic Arcade Ninja Skin Pack will both be available for early access on 06.18.2019.

Here is the trailer below:

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Mortal Kombat 11 Patch Notes - 05/29/2019
by Roy Arkon on May 29, 2019 :: 0 Comments

NetherRealm Studios have just released a new patch for Mortal Kombat 11. It should be noted that this patch includes only bug fixes and quality changes, no balance changes at the moment. Here is the full notes list:

General Gameplay Adjustments

• Move list corrections

• Improvements to AI logic

• Fixed several rare online desync causes

• Fixed several Brutalities having incorrect requirements or issues with the description

• Kombat Kard Match Replays when being played in fast forward will no longer sometimes have visual issues

• The game’s version number is now displayed in the Tournament Mode Fighter Select screen

• Competitive Mode Variations are now always accessible in Practice Mode under Practice Options P1/P2 Variation as T-I & T-II.

• The camera will no longer sometimes improperly follow the characters briefly when a Delayed Getup is used after certain attacks

• Practice Mode will no longer become unresponsive when changing a character's variation while the AI Enemy Type was set to Record

• All Krushing Blows in Kombo Attack Strings that use the Throw / Front Punch+Front Kick input will now correctly allow either input to be used while Krushing Blow Held Check is on

• Fixed a rare issue when winning a round which could cause the character to visually turn around multiple times before playing their End of Round Taunt

• Slight adjustment to hit pause visuals when a character blocks an attack

• Adjusted throw vulnerable states to remove a 2 frame window when recovering from a block for regular throws and a 1 frame window for special move grabs

• Control no longer returns to the player while AI Fighter is active if the winning opponent performs a Mercy

• Fixed some high attacks and high throws not meeting the conditions for Uppercut Krushing Blows

• You can no longer get the wrong Skin to appear on Fighter Select’s Variation select UI with specific timing

• When playing on a guest account you can now enter Kustomize in the Main Menu

• Fixed some rare instances of audio quips playing at incorrect times

• Fixed several moves having an incorrect punish window which resulted in a kounter instead of punish

• Corrected some Flawless Block attacks having unintended frame data differences when used as a Getup Attack. The following were adjusted to make them function the same. Cassie (Up+Back Punch), Erron Black (Up+Front Kick), Kotal (Up+Back Punch & Up+Front Kick), Kung Lao (Up+Back Punch), Shao Kahn (Up+Back Punch)


• Kronika chests will no longer rarely spawn in an inaccessible location

• Fixed a visual issue with Descendant of Apep's belt

• Fixed rare issue that could result in the Elder God Puzzle becoming stuck in an unsolvable state

• Added a run button hint

• Special chests that cost 80,000 and 250,000 coins on initial opening will no longer have that price when refreshed

• The Descendant of Apep will no longer sometimes become stuck in the Torture Halls

• Fixed a bug that could cause The Armory Door to sometimes be closed

• Fixed some rare UI visual issues when a consumable timer runs out

• Duplicates of Gear items that have been leveled up to Mortal or Mythic can no longer be awarded from Restocked Krypt Chests


• Fixed several incorrect Demos in tutorial lessons

• Corrected various text issues in tutorial lessons

• Added additional tips to the Basic Tutorial

• Changed the character in the Kombo Limitations and Pressure Defense Lessons, making some tasks easier to perform

• Adjusted some player starting positions in the Grounded Neutral lesson

• Fixed an issue that could prevent progression in the Hit Confirming lesson if the player viewed the Demo at specific timing

Towers of Time

• Players will no longer be removed from the Tower of Time portal if they expire while being played

• Fixed some modifiers’ visual effects appearing during Krushing Blow or Fatal Blow cinematics

• Fixed some modifiers having lingering effects in certain rare situations

• Changed input to exit the game during a Group Battle from Circle/B to Options/Menu

• Fatal Blow UI will no longer sometimes not update correctly during Group Battles

• Endurance Fights should now award Flawless Victory correctly

Stage Specific Adjustments

• Cyber Lin Kuei Assembly - Fixed issue with Ice Bomb causing opponent to be grounded while visually in the air under certain circumstances

Character Specific Adjustments

• Baraka - His Throw Krushing Blow requirements no longer sometimes reset after he escapes an opponent's throw

• Baraka - Landing a Back Throw Krushing Blow will no longer allow a Forward Throw Krushing Blow to be done without a failed Throw Escape

• Cassie Cage - Fatal Blow is no longer throw immune during some of its startup frames while still on the ground

• Cassie Cage - Flying Glow Kick now requires the correct button to be held when Krushing Blow held check is enabled

• Cetrion - Fixed Getup Attack/Flawless Block Attack Up+2 not being immune to air attacks/throws

• Cetrion - Getup Attack/Flawless Block Attack (Up+Front Kick) now has the correct visual effect indicating it is invincible

• Cetrion - Tendril Pull will no longer sometimes appear behind Cetrion in certain circumstances

• Cetrion - Rock objects are now properly handled when Cetrion is interrupted out of her throws

• Cetrion - Fixed unintended sound effects sometimes playing when Cetrion’s throws are escaped

• Cetrion - Throws that are escaped no longer count towards the requirement of Splitting Apart Brutality

• D'Vorah - Mother Bug will no longer sometimes changes back to default colors after it has died

• D'Vorah - Widow's Kiss when Amplified will no longer leave webbing on the opponent when it is interrupted with specific timing

• Erron Black - Corrected facial animation to opponent when they are hit by his Towards Throw

• Erron Black - Adjusted the long wait time after his Fatal Blow hits before both players get control of their characters. Frame data is unchanged.

• Frost - Getup Attack/Flawless Block Attack (Up+Back Punch) is now correctly immune to jumping attacks & throws, deals 5 damage (from 9) and plays the correct visual effect

• Frost - Getup Attack/Flawless Block Attack (Up+Front Kick) now plays the correct visual effect

• Frost - Cryogenic Crown will no longer sometimes go in the wrong direction after performing a cross-up jump attack

• Frost - Fatal Blow is no longer throw immune during some of its startup & active frames

• Geras - Gauntlet of the Ages will no longer retaining its charge level after hitting with Uppercut (Down+Back Punch) or Gauntlet of the Ages Krushing Blows

• Geras - Fixed a bug that could cause Body Buster (Towards Back Punch) to sometimes alter the opponents facing

• Geras - Fixed bug that allowed Geras to be able to block during some of the recovery frames of Reverse Time

• Jacqui Briggs - Winning a round with a direct impact hit with Grenade Launcher will no longer sometimes result in damage of time continuing into the next round

• Jacqui Briggs - Tech-Dome will no longer have lingering visual effects when it is interrupted before it activates

• Jacqui Briggs - Fixed some visual issues with Shield Battery Gear item when Jacqui loses a round in certain circumstances and after some Fatal Blows have connected

• Jade - Backward Throw can now award FIRST HIT PROPS!

• Jax - Heat Up mechanic will now work properly after a Mercy is performed

• Jax - Heat Missile will no longer auto correct when second heat missile is fired

• Johnny Cage - Fatal Blow is no longer throw immune during some of its startup frames

• Johnny Cage - Fatal Blow cinematic is no longer visually obstructed by certain foreground objects

• Kano - Getup Attack/Flawless Block Attack (Up+Back Punch) being able to cancel into Fatal Blow for a brief moment during startup

• Kano - Fixed issue with damage over time lingering into next round if last hit is done with Chemical Burn

• Kollector - Fixed (Air) Bag Bomb sometimes missing visual effects when it makes contact with the ground

• Kotal Kahn - Fatal Blow cinematic is no longer visually obstructed by certain foreground objects

• Kotal Kahn - Added controller vibration to damage inflicted by Tonatiuh Beam

• Kung Lao - Kung Lao is no longer able to exit the boundary of the arena while teleporting under certain circumstances

• Liu Kang - Dragon Parry is no longer throw immune during some of its recovery frames

• Liu Kang - Energy Parry while Dragon Fire is active will no longer caused a parry to trigger erroneously in rare circumstances

• Liu Kang - Energy Parry can no longer create multiple projectiles from one single successful parry while Dragon Fire is active

• Liu Kang - Fixed an issue with Bicycle Kick visual effects sometimes being misaligned

• Noob - The Shadow Clone can no longer become attached to the opponent when Shadow Tackle is interrupted during certain circumstances

• Noob - Fixed a visual issue with the Shadow Clone after the For The Brotherhood (Away+Front Punch, Throw, Back Punch) Krushing Blow cinematic

• Raiden - Lightning Bolt no longer auto corrects when amplified

• Raiden - Lightning Storm will no longer sometimes cause issues with the game camera after a practice reset

• Scorpion - Spine Ripper Brutality no longer takes priority over a successful throw escape

• Skarlet - Blood Tentacle is no longer throw immune during some of its startup & active frames

• Sonya - K.A.T. Turret will no longer sometimes disappear when opponent is defeated by K.A.T. Tantrum

• Sub-Zero - Fixed a bug preventing an opponents from being able to Breakaway after being hit by Rising Ice

• Sub-Zero - Fixed rare issue that could cause Sub-Zero to become invisible after Frozen Over End of Round Taunt

• Sub-Zero - Fixed an issue with Slide Amplify visual effects sometimes being misaligned

• Shao Kahn - Fixed a bug preventing an opponents from being able to Breakaway after being hit by Shoulder Charger Amplify

• Shao Kahn - Fixed issue causing D1 and F3 to be set as low parry vulnerable instead of high parry vulnerable

• Shao Kahn - Fixed Fatal Blow cinematic being visually obstructed by certain foreground objects

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Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack 1 Announcement Next Week?
by Roy Arkon on May 27, 2019 :: 0 Comments

Ed Boon has posted this Tweet stating that "if all goes well", the official announcement for the characters for the Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack 1 will come next week, revealing all of the characters that will join Shang Tsung.

So who do want and/or think will be in Kombat Pack 1? Tell us in the comments, and let's all hope for the announcement to come.

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