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Mortal Kombat: Deception - Puzzle Kombat

This mode is a tetris like kind of game. Your goal is to collect as more blocks of the same color as you can and than blast them with the Dragon Symbol block sending them directly into your opponents field. The very small versions of twelve Mortal Kombat characters will react to everything you do, making this mode really fun to play.


Puzzle Kombat has twelve character with special powers that will help you during battle.

Special Move – Jumble (takes all of your opponents perfectly aligned blocks and jumbles them up)

Special Move – Edger (Baraka's blade arms come and destroy the two edges of your screen. All blocks that were there are there no longer)

Special Move – Breaker Buster (stops huge combo's from ever having a chance to occur)

Special Move - Levitate (levitates a bunch of blocks off the top of your stack)

Special Move – Arrange (arranges all of your colors so they are lined up next to each other)

Spetion Move - Freeze (freezes the enemy's block for about five turns, so that the player can't see their colors)

Special Move – Collapse (collapses most of the blocks out of sight)

Special Moves - Invisible (makes the enemy's blocks invisible for five turns)

Special Move - Drill (a large drill appears and drills the two middle columns of blocks away)

Special Move - Stack (similar to Raiden's Special Move however, it leaves the enemies top blocks untouched, and therefore their combos still exposed)

Special Move – Double Bomb (drops two bombs)

Special Move - Storm (adds extra blocks to your enemy's field)


Each arena in Puzzle Kombat has a unique Stage Fatality

Ying Yang Island
Fatality - Sneak (The losing player got eaten by one of the two sneaks)

Liu Kang's Tomb
Fatality - Fire (The losing player is pushed into the torch and burns up)

Sky Temple
Fatality - Lightning (the losing player will be struck by lightning, their head will explode, and their eye will hit the screen)

Beetle Lair
Fatality - 1 Ton Weight (A 1 Ton Weight will fall, crushing the losing player)

Fatality - Spinning Blades (The losing player is pushed into a bunch of spinning blades and chopped up into many body parts)

Hell's Foundry
Fatality - Smasher (A Smasher comes down and smashes the losing player)